Sports betting in America is only just coming to the forefront. As it becomes increasingly legal across the states, Americans are now no longer having to either bet illegally or not bet at all. Instead, bookies are offering sports betting to the average punters now. Little sports bets with bookmakers can make games more interesting and add some extra spice to the normal sporting entertainment on offer. But as it is such a new market, there are very few defined ways of betting in America and no really popular leagues. But that's why we are here, with a handy guide to Betting On the US's Biggest Sporting Leagues.


The best sport to bet on in the US is American football but even within that, there are some key differences to note. The biggest one is the NCAA or the college football league. This is a more nuanced niche of its bigger NFL brother. Whilst it still offers much the same betting market options as the NFL does, the likes of specific player touchdowns and timings of touchdowns, but it offers them at even better prices than the NFL. Specifically, College Football is statistically the most profitable market in the whole of the US betting scene. The predictability and chance of mismatch are higher which allows for a larger spread in scoring. Unlike the closeness of the NFL, 50+ point leads in college football is common and the relative lack of betting popularity in the league sees better scores, improved odds, and a better betting environment. With young players in college who are not professional just yet, the chance of mismatch and mistakes is also high, this leads to a gap in for people to exploit and get some bang for their buck.


The NFL is easily the country's biggest betting endeavor. From the standard league games to the massive Superbowl final. This means the league suffers from saturation and sees the standard match betting throw high odds at punters, much like the English Premier League or the World Cup in soccer. To bet well and win big when you are betting on the NFL punters need to take a more in-depth look into the game and sport. This means betting on obscure markets such as over/under leads, specific player touchdowns, or points by the minute. When it comes to the Superbowl, you are going to struggle to find a bet that will provide you with a bang for your buck. The final of the NFL is so big around the world that it is not the ideal environment to be betting on this match. The betting market which is increasingly being interjected into the sport will bring heaps of money to the league and in turn will serve to only improve the league and bring in further top-class players to the game. Why wouldn’t you want that?


The other big betting market that punters can really draw good bang for their buck from is the new and growing American soccer league, the MLS (Major League Soccer). Much like other soccer leagues around the world, there are a handful of big teams that tend to be favorites but the rest of the league remains highly competitive. This allows those betting on the league to get good odds and, provided they have done their research, they can make some healthy profits from the league. On top of this, the MLS tends to have high scoring games with strong attacks and weak defenses - which means one thing. Goals, goals, and more goals. This website has much more comprehensive coverage of betting on the MLS, check it out. Betting on goal markets in MLS is a great way to walk away from the bookies with some healthy profit.

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