Why The World Fell In Love With Football

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There probably aren’t many people who hate football, but you’ll hear a couple of non-fans complain about how long 90 minutes is, and how 22 men on a pitch make the game complex. Funny right? Beyond all the bashing, non-football fans still know a lot about the game. Now, imagine how the real fans feel about their favorite sport. The truth is that football is more than a mere game of chance, there is a strategy which can also be said for betting on it and one such strategy is to have tipped both teams to score. The game is a haven, a means of escape, financial gain, and a whole lot that earns it a place in our hearts. If you want to know more, here are five reasons the world fell in love with football.

  • The World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest and most popular tournament in the world. Every four years the tournament is hosted in a new country, and the atmosphere can only be described as electrifying. All the excitement and buzz put the hosting country in the spotlight. That’s because the government has to initiate the building and maintenance of stadiums, roads, parks, and other facilities. What’s more, there’s massive employment during this time.

Many states feel the impact because participating countries ideally hold matches in different locations within the country. Apart from the economic gain, the World cup positions the host nation at the center of the world.

  • The ease & inclusivity of Football

There’s something about football that’s just beautiful. Simplicity accommodates just about anyone who has an interest in playing the game. It doesn’t depend on the players’ physique, race, age, gender; even kids can jump in. Furthermore, the equipment required is minimal. Unlike other games which require special rackets or protective body gear, the nature of football makes it easy to engage. In many nations, you’ll find people enjoying a soccer game even in the comfort of their home; some even play bare-foot. If there’s no one around, you can play all on your own by juggling.

  • Football unites us

Trust us when we say that nothing unites the world like football. Even warring nations set aside their differences just because of soccer. In 2005, Ivory Coast made history by qualifying for the World Cup for the first time, and it led to the end of a civil war.

“We want fun, so stop the shooting the guns” was the chorus and the slogan around the nation that brought all warring sides to compromise. Furthermore, because there are no boundaries with football, different talents from varying backgrounds come together to promote tolerance and inclusion.

  • The world loves football for its impact & reward

Asides from the joy and excitement we derive from watching strategic dribbles or jaw-dropping goals, football is also a massive revenue-generating industry. Players get a chance to showcase their talent and, in return, get a fulfilling/rewarding career. There’s more, the tons of scholarships and medical/charity sponsorship is also worth mentioning.

Furthermore, football rewards its fans for their passion by providing one of the world’s biggest sports betting platforms. The wagers in football are almost endless, and if you know a thing or two about wagers, you can make lots of money each week during football season.

  • Football has many adaptions

Another reason why the world loves football so much is its many adaptations. From street soccer to beach soccer and even indoor soccer, the many adaptations or spin-offs of football give people a chance to be part of something big.

Many of these adaptations even have their own governing bodies and tournaments. There’s more; football even has a virtual presence and video game lovers can enjoy amazing football action with 100 percent control over their virtual superstar players.

Asides from the fun of playing with your favorite teams, you also get to buy and sell your players just like it happens when real-life transfer windows open.

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