5 Best Sport Bags To Be Cool In The Gym And Other Sports

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Best Sport Bags

Working on improving yourself has always been part of sports aside from satisfying joy of competition. Like any other pursuit worth undertaking, it’s better to bring your best gear into the stomping grounds. Carry all the required stuff in your gym bag when going for your private swimming classes. We don’t just mean your equipment as you train but also the bag that brings them all together. Here are some five branded bags worth buying to not only help stay prepared for the challenges, in style.



Many basketball fans always say that ball is life, but you have to walk the talk to prove it among your peers. The Nike Hoops Elite Pro Backpack has its own shoe compartment to help you bring your kicks to the court without lugging it on your hand or neck. If you have some expensive kicks to show, this bag can back you up on that plan. The Elite Pro Backpack can hold shoes up to a size of 15, tall players usually have a shoe size lower than that so it’s greatly helpful to have this in slung on your back when you go play the ball game.

Aside from carrying your shoes it also functions like a regular backpack complete with its main compartment and side-pocket. The bag is made up of polyester which allows it to last longer than regular cotton bags and can resist wearing down, wrinkles, and shrinking too. Consider picking this up if you need a basketball bag.

Gym Sack:

Gym Sack

Going to the gym is also crucial for your sports life as your health and fitness can heavily decide on how strong you’re going to be in your matches. However, it’s also crucial to know when to do light training to not wear yourself out too much before the big day. Nike’s Heritage Gym Sack can be simple enough but stylish as you spend a few hours to tone yourself in the gym. This bag can be enough for one change of clothes as you go home after working for a little bit in the gym.

Since it’s made out of 100% polyester, it’s sure to last long with you as they’re more resistant to wear and tear from excessive use. Just make sure to take care of it and it’ll take care of you like a grind for your gains.

Tactics Command Backpack 40L:

While you may not be an actual soldier, the camouflage print does always show you’re always ready for adversity and fight through it alive. With the Tactics Command Backpack 40L, you can raise that camo spirit and go on more than just sports. You can go trekking and feel yourself blend in with nature as with your bag prints. Alternatively, you try doing airsoft and feel like a tactical spy on a mission in the forest. While you can’t bring your bag during the matches, your peers will be sure to feel love as they’ll see the camo prints in your bag.

Aside from the design, the bag itself is both a backpack and a duffle bag.  It’s also waterproof which makes it viable to be brought to sports that happen on or near water. The Command Backpack has machine stitched seam lines that assure the sturdiness of this bag. Lastly, it also has internal pockets that allow you to keep small valuables like smartphones and watches during your trip.

Duffle Bag:

Duffle Bag

True to the brand’s name the Under Armor Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Bag may look plain but its coolness comes in from the toughness and craftsmanship of this blue bag. Under Armour’s focus toward lasting products shows as the Undeniable has the company’s signature UA Storm technology which allows the bag to be sturdy even when exposed to any surface and punishment. Additionally, it’s also waterproof which also makes it viable to be brought from swimming or other water-related sport.

More than its sturdy make, Under Armor has made sure to reinforce the sides and bottom of the bag. No matter the surface, may it be in a cozy gym locker or just on a pavement near an open-air basketball court, your bag can take it. If you’re up for a cool-colored and long-lasting bag, this duffle bag from Under Armour will be sure to be a good pick for you.

Skate Pack Backpack:

An extreme sport like skateboarding is an industry worth of respect due to the dedication and the danger that its athletes face in every trick and training. To get started, the Quicksilver Skate Pack Backpack allows you to sling in your skateboard through its carrying strap. Along with your board, you can bring your backpack with extra clothes and possibly some medical supplies for any mishap while taking skateboarding lessons. While it’s really unsafe to wear your bag while doing tricks, this bag should be sturdy enough if you ever face a wipeout while wearing this on your back.

More than opting for the latest releases from these bags, it’s good to pick up the cheap but still good-looking bags from these brands to bring your stuff to gyms. While vanity is unavoidable in the pursuit of sports and self-betterment, it’s always better to keep your head in the right place and know that your bag will not inherit your gains in the gym. Any good bag with the right pockets will be enough and not break your bank just so you can look super good among your peers. While it feels reassuring to yourself when you outdress your friends, it’s still the effort for the sport that counts. Besides, these cool bags are almost always available whereas the freshly released ones can be thrice expensive and get out of stock really fast if you failed to catch them on their first few days of release. The true coolness in sports is the focused patience and the will to improve no matter how slow the progress is.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself one of these bags and start training. If your bag is cool, remember to leave some from yourself as you.

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