Horse Racing is one of the best sports. It blends classic elegance with timeless thrills, attracting gents and ladies alike. Most people like watching races just for fun. But you can also make a profit out of it. Sports betting and horse racing go hand in hand, with tips, tricks, and odds calculators available to help even the least experienced. Now, are you wondering how to win at the horse races? Check out our strategies below.

Here are How to Win at the Horse Races:

1. Bet On More Horses

Newbies often make the mistake of betting only on the favorite. However, if you’ve ever attended a sports event, you might know that odds can change in the blink of an eye. Indeed, horse racing is so unpredictable that the favorite only wins the race about 30 percent of the time. So, instead of just betting on the favorite, do your research before the race and find out which horse-jockey pairs bring the most value, then place a bet on them too.

2. Consider the Racecourse Surface

Horse race bettors, much like other sports supporters, are known to favor one particular horse over another. But if you want to make a profit out of your betting, you shouldn’t let your feelings and preference influence your game. Similar to tennis players, some horses tend to perform better on one type of surface than the other. That’s why you should find out what kind of surface the racecourse has and what horses in the race are known to perform better on that specific surface before placing your bet.

3. Consider the Trainer

While you’re getting to know the horses, also make sure you’re getting to know the trainer of each horse. Although it seems improbable, the truth is that most trainers enjoy different records on different types of tracks. For instance, Donald McCain frequently wins at Bangor, while Nicky Henderson enjoys a great strike rate at Newbury.

4. Learn the Betting System

Betting on horses could seem easy. You pick a horse, bet on it, and hope for the best, isn’t it? Well, no. There are various kinds of bets, and if you want to win, the first thing to do is to learn as much as you can about the betting system. Once you know the differences between fixed odds, tote betting, and exchange betting, you can calculate your chances of success and place winning bets after winning bets.

5. Shop Your Odds

The concept of shopping your odds could sound strange, but it’s the best thing you can do if you want to increase your chances of success. The process is easy, too. All you have to do is choose a bunch of reputable gambling sites – typically three or four – and follow the on-course bookmaker to find the odds for the specific bet you want to make. This method isn’t always accurate, but it gives you a pretty reliable insight. With this and all the other methods above, it shouldn’t be too hard to place the right bet and win at the horse races.

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