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How to Better Yourself: 9 Ways to Be the Best Person You Can Be

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read January 23, 2019

better yourself

Are you in search of some self-improvement inspiration?

It’s the New Year, and most of our resolutions involve some form of self-bettering.

However, it can be difficult to come up with self-improvement ideas that we haven’t all heard before.

You may also be feeling a bit reluctant to take on massive change, such as intensive weight loss or a career switch.

Luckily, there are plenty of simple things you can do to become your best self. Keep reading to learn more about how to better yourself!

1. Establish a Morning Routine:

Most of us start our weekdays in a haphazard fashion. The alarm goes off and the before-work routine begins.

Such routines may be necessary in some cases. But they can make transitions into workdays and weekends more difficult.

In fact, waking up and immediately launching into the workday can be taxing on your nervous system. Consistent, early stress can wear on you over time, and stress is the number one obstacle when it comes to self-bettering.

Establish a morning routine that is all about you first (and everything else later). Yes, you can still have a morning routine even if you have a regular nine-to-five.

This may require waking up a teensy bit earlier (or going to bed earlier).

Your morning routine, however, doesn’t have to be an hour long. It can simply involve a few minutes where you get to be with yourself.

Use those minutes to meditate, journal, or practice deep breathing. Maybe you use some dawn minutes for a short jog, a slower breakfast, or some intention-setting.

Whatever the case, make that time about you–then let work come later.

2. Meditate:

Countless studies point to the incredible benefits of meditation. A regular meditation practice can alleviate anxiety and depression.

It can even release endorphins, the neurotransmitters that make us feel great.

Chart your path to self-improvement by incorporating a meditation practice into your days. Just like morning routines, meditation sessions don’t have to be hours long.

You can sit and still your mind for five minutes and still reap its benefits.

What’s more, there’s even an app for that! Check out this post to learn more.

3. Read, Read, Read:

This is actually a very common New Year resolution, and for good reason.

Reading offers multiple benefits to readers, not least its ability to keep our eyes away from computer and device screens (if you don’t use a Kindle).

In fact, studies suggest that reading fiction can improve brain function and connectivity. Some people posit that reading, in general, improves our ability to communicate, empathize, and synthesize information.

Build a reading list for this coming year and set an intention to tackle a new title a month.

4. Build a Healthy Exercise Program:

A weekly exercise routine can promote high energy levels, better sleep cycles, and greater work performance.

You don’t have to follow a rigorous boot camp program to reap the benefits of exercise, however.

All you need is about 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week to stay healthy and happy.

If you’re looking for ways to make those 150 minutes more fun, consider joining a group fitness class, such as Zumba or Pound.

5. Identify What Serves You (and What Doesn’t):

Take the time to figure out what is helping you live your best life. Also, identify what isn’t helping you live your best life.

This can be more difficult of an exercise than most people realize. Identifying what is and isn’t serving you, nonetheless, can help you relinquish bad habits and incorporate practices better positioned to bring you success.

For example, you may currently be struggling with addiction. Or you may realize that pursuing your passion for Spanish is vital to helping you reach your dreams.

Practice this little exercise weekly and adjust accordingly.

6. Take a Self Improvement Course:

Yes, self development courses do exist! These courses bring lots of people together with the same intent: to discover effective, long-lasting ways to better yourself.

These courses can be life-changing for many involved.

They can also accelerate the self-improvement process by bringing you into an empowered, informed community.

Consider signing up for a self-development course to help you on your journey towards a better self!

7. Create Intentional Goals:

A life with purpose is often an inspired one. We’re not just talking about New Year resolutions, though.

Create intentional goals that you can work towards throughout the year.

When building these goals, make sure you are establishing SMART goals–those that are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely.

Any other goal may be harder to work towards, particularly if it is vague or not clearly outlined.

Keep track of these goals in a journal or by keeping friends and family members posted. Having these goals in place–and regularly tracking your progress–can bring a greater sense of motion and fulfillment into your days.

8. Listen More:

When was the last time you listened to someone you love? Really, really listened?

It can be hard to give those we love our full, real attention, especially in this digital age. Yet listening in a deep, loving capacity to others can help us be more mindful in our communication.

What’s more, practicing this type of listening with yourself can help you tap into your intuition more.

Practice listening more–and listening well.

9. Experience Nature:

Most of us spend the bulk of our days indoors, staring at screens or traveling from work to home. People living in urban areas may find it even more difficult to get outside and experience nature.

Simply being in nature can be calming, inspiring, and grounding. In fact, scientists are starting to realize that forests can improve our health!

This year, wander in the woods more in order to discover your best self.

How to Better Yourself:

Your best self is out there. Now is the time to go find him or her!

Now you know how to better yourself in nine simple tips. But what about improving your outlook on life? Check out this post to learn more!

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