When is The Best Time to Have Your Driveways Paved?

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While a concrete building might easily last 50-60 years, the average concrete driveway isn’t going to last as long. Concrete driveways come under lots of pressure on a daily basis with changes in weather, temperature, and even usage. If you’re looking to have your driveways paved, you don’t need to wait for problems to arise before you step up and have it fixed.

Here are five instances when you should be inspired to repair your driveway.

1. When You Sell:

A great time to repave your driveway is when you’re trying to sell your home. When it’s time to put your home on the market, you need to pull out all of the stops to ensure that everyone around you sees how great your home is. The term “curb appeal” applies heavily here in that the better your home looks from the outside, the more you’ll be able to ask for in terms of price.

When you’re selling your home, it’s important to take advantage of every potential element that someone could have an issue with. Imperfections in your driveway painted exterior walls that are unevenly worn or faded, and those dirty corners of your garage all come into play.

Selling a home is a challenge but if you give yourself every potential advantage, you can ensure that you sell your home quickly and easily. The better you take care of the exterior, the better people will feel when they enter your home for a viewing.

2. Before You Damage Your Car:

One of the major reasons to pave your driveway is when you start to see potholes, cracks, and imperfections. If your driveway has issues, they’ll only be exacerbated with wear. As you drive over it again and again, you’re going to make cracks bigger, potholes more extreme, and any edges more frayed.

When you’re driving over damaged surfaces, again and again, you’re also putting your car at risk. When you drive over a cracked driveway, an extremely large bump, or a pothole, you risk scratching the bottom of your car. Each time that you go down your driveway, you could be causing your car to wear down, which could cost you more than you anticipated.

Rather than damaging your car, repair your driveway as soon as possible. Fill in potholes as soon as possible. Not only could you damage your car, but you could trip and fall if you forget it’s there during a storm or because of fallen leaves.

3. Spring Over Fall:

When you’re trying to pick the best time to pave your driveway, you should consider the weather. When it’s too cold, the material is going to be hard to work with. When it’s too hot out, your surface material might not congeal.

The ideal temperature is 70 degrees with no precipitation falling. You might want to consider doing this work in the spring or in the fall. However, the fall is more challenging than in the spring.

When you do work on your driveway in the fall, you’re subject to falling debris, leaves, and animals running around. This could lead to problems in the way that your material solidifies. If you get to pick between spring and the fall, choose the spring every time.

It’s much easier to work outdoors in the spring and fall than in summer or winter, so take that into account as well.

4. Over the Weekend:

Rather than trying to squeeze working on the surface of your driveway during your busy work week, you’re better off trying to get it done during the weekend. Over the weekend, you have the chance to devote the time necessary to get the job done. When you’re trying to squeeze in time over the weekend, you might end up feeling stressed out.

When you do a job under stress, you’re more likely to make a mistake than if you did so without stress. You’re also more likely to run out of time during the week than over the weekend. If you want to ensure that you get the whole project done, you should do it when you have plenty of time.

Choosing the weekday might also mean fighting for daylight. When you have to work from 9-5, getting home, settled in, and ready to work could put you under pressure. You could quickly run out of daylight if you’re trying to do the job after work.

5. When No One Else Is:

In general, one of the best times to resurface your driveway is when no one else is doing the work. That means that if you need your driveway’s concrete removed, you won’t have to fight to schedule concrete removal. Trying to have this service scheduled when everyone and their grandmother is working on their driveway is stressful.

You also might find that companies that do the work for you will be more apt to offer you a deal when they’re hustling for clients. When no one else is signing up to have their driveway done or concrete removed, you’ll be able to essentially name your price.

Shop around and you’ll end up with a great deal during times when no one else wants to be around to have the work done.

Getting Your Driveways Paved is Worth The Price:

No matter what the price, having your driveways paved is never worth skipping given how much damage you could suffer. If you’re worried about the value of your home, the security of your vehicle, or even slipping and falling, it’s worth investing in repair.

If you’re trying to decide whether or not concrete driveways are right for you, check out our guide.

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