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10 Tips to Help Sell Your House Faster

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Are you trying to sell a house fast? If so, use the 10 tips here to give you the momentum needed to achieve this goal.

Each year in the late spring, there is a good number of people who put their homes up for sale and prepare to move in the summer. If you have the luxury to plan when to move, this is the perfect time of year.

In spring, the plants in your yard will be in bloom and the beautiful weather allows you to maximize interest in events like open houses.

But when you’re trying to sell a house fast, it can be incredibly frustrating to bring in buyers.

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to increase your chances of selling your home.

Read on for ten of the best tips out there.

1. Depersonalize:

When potential buyers walk through your door you want them to think they are walking into their future living room, not taking over your house.

Try to remove all personal items from the fridge and around the home so that they can see them as theirs.

2. Take Great Photos:

Take Great Photos

Most buyers find their eventual home through photos on the internet. That means if your listing photos aren’t showing off the best features of your home, buyers may be turning away before even taking a tour.

You should hire a professional photographer to ensure that you have the best photos possible.

Also, make sure you post enough photos. Many potential buyers may think you’re trying to hide something if you only show parts of the home.

A good number of photos to have is thirty. Make sure they are of both the inside and the outside of the home.

Using aerial photography is also something, which homeowners can use to show their houses in a novel and innovative way. Now you would be asking yourself the question- where to find an aerial photographer in Melbourne. However, a simple search can help connect you with companies offering drone photography services in your region.

3. Clean Everything and Stage the Home:

Nothing makes a buyer want to leave a home more than dirt and dust.

Before you place your home on the market, you should hire a professional service to clean your house.

They will be able to wash your windows inside and out, clean along your baseboards, and get areas of the house you may not have thought to clean.

Even if you think a buyer won’t be looking in an area, you should be sure to at least make it tidy.

If someone is truly interested in your home, you would be surprised at all of the places they think to look.

4. Make It Bright:

Make It Bright

People love homes that are bright, so make sure you show off all your windows by opening your curtains and blinds.

Many people also like to turn on all the lights in the house while they are showing a home. It creates a warmer and more welcoming feeling in the space.

5. Be Available:

Your potential buyers most likely work during the day, which means that they aren’t able to tour homes during regular business hours.

Be prepared to have your house shown on weekends and evenings. Potential buyers will want to be able to tour your home as quickly as possible and in a hot market, it can feel like there are always people coming and going.

6. Set the Right Price:

Right Price

The last thing you want is to leave money on the table. But if you start with a high price and try to come down later, this isn’t a very good strategy for real estate.

With the amount of data available these days, buyers and agents can calculate exactly what your house is worth before it is ever viewed.

For example, if you were selling the average home in Salt Lake City, you would list it at $343,240. If you listed it any higher, then you might have to later go through a price cut that may make buyers wonder why your home is still on the market.

7. Remove Clutter:

Having too much furniture in your house can make it seem small. If you want your buyers to be impressed, try to clear out any bulky pieces you aren’t using.

You can put them in storage while you are showing your house and then bring them to your next place.

Removing things from closets is also a good idea. If a closet is half empty, it looks larger than if it’s overflowing with clothes.

8. Improve Your Curb Appeal:

The first thing your potential buyers will see is the front of your house. If you have chipped paint or a poorly maintained lawn, it will turn them off.

There are so many easy ways to improve the curb appeal of your home. Try adding new hardware, painting your front door, planting a garden, or sprucing up your lawn.

9. Spread the Word:

You never know where a potential home buyer might come from. Your neighbors are some of the best salespeople for your home.

They know and love the neighborhood. If they tell their friends that your home is for sale and is a good deal, then they surely will want to take a look.

You should also share your listing on social media to make sure many people see it. You could go as far as posting a YouTube tour of the home to gain interest.

10. Go Neutral to Sell a House Fast:

Go Neutral to Sell a House Fast

When you are trying to appeal to the majority of buyers, you want to stick with a neutral palette.

If you have a child that just had to have bright red walls or you painted a room black to function as the family’s home theater, then now is the time to paint it back.

You want your potential buyers to be able to imagine their own personal touches in the space.

Try to use warm neutrals that would be appealing in a lot of different color schemes.

More Home and Garden Tips:

Now that you know how to sell a house fast you’re going to be moving into a new one in no time and making it your own.

For customization ideas, check out some of our helpful guides and home improvement projects today.

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