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Front Door Curb Appeal: Bring in Customers by Updating Your Business Curb Appeal

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

front door curb appeal

You’ve spent years preparing, you got approved for loans, and you finally opened up your dream business. You flip that closed sign around and wait to hear the amazing sound of the bell chiming alerting you to customers.

You wait and wait, but that bell doesn’t ring as much as you like. So, what can you do if your store isn’t getting a lot of foot traffic?

Don’t panic about finding a new location just yet. Something as easy as increasing your front door curb appeal can send those customers right into your shop.

Do you want to know how you can do this? Keep reading for the best tips and tricks to boost your business’ curb appeal.

Power Wash Your Exterior:

Have you ever power washed the siding of your house? You were probably shocked at just how much brighter it looked. The same goes for your business.

While you may not think your store’s exterior looks bad, all that built-up dirt and grime can make it appear dull. Power washing your storefront can make it appear newer and brighter.

Not only does this make it look more inviting to customers, but it’ll help your store stand out from the neighboring stores who haven’t cleaned their exterior in a while.

Go Big with Signage:

Of course, no store is complete without a sign. You may have gotten a little sticker shock when realizing just how expensive signage would be. But you don’t want to cheap out here.

Your signage should be large enough that people can see it while driving by. All that marketing and advertising you’ve been investing in isn’t going to do you much good if people can’t find your store.

If you’re located in a larger shopping center, be sure to purchase a spot in the shopping center’s sign. And, you guessed, the larger the space you get, the better.

Advertise Specials:

Is your business located in a long line of stores? Do people regularly walk down the street in front of your shop?

If so, you should consider getting a sidewalk chalkboard display. This is the perfect place to display specials or sales to entice customers to drop in.

Window signage is another great option, especially if people don’t leisurely walk by and you need a bigger sign to get people’s attention. However, window signs can get expensive, so be sure to discover more about them before making a purchase.

Of course, chalkboards and window signs are also a great place to showcase your personality. Make them fun, creative, and unique to make your store stand out.

Display Only the Best:

If you don’t opt for window signs, window displays are a great way to increase your curb appeal. However, when it comes to deciding what to display, you want to choose carefully.

Displaying too many products will make the window look cluttered and unappealing. Plus, with so many items competition for the spotlight, your customers won’t know where to look.

Instead, choose your best products to put on display. Make sure you keep the windows clean and your products dusted off to get your store the attention it deserves.

Get a Welcome Mat:

A welcome mat is one of the most basic additions when decorating your home. It keeps your carpets clean and dresses up your porch.

These are the same reasons why a doormat makes a great addition to your storefront. It’ll give your store that welcoming and homey touch that can draw customers in.

Pick the Right Colors:

Take a moment to think about what image you want your business to portray. Do you want to come across as stylish and chic? Cool and technology-forward? Eco-friendly and cheery?

The colors you choose for both the interior and exterior of your store can help create the perfect atmosphere. Every color causes us to feel a different emotion. That’s why the right colors can showcase your brand and help draw in your target customer.

Once you’ve chosen the best colors for your business, think about how you can incorporate them into your store’s exterior. This could include getting a new awning, painting the wall, or updating your window signs.

Use Plants:

Did you know that plants can help create an inviting appearance in front of your store? That’s right–something as simple as planting flowers can increase your curb appeal.

If your store has a yard in front of it, consider hiring a professional to help you design your landscaping. If you’re located in an urban area, consider placing potted plants next to your door.

That extra touch of color can draw your customer’s eye and get them to check your store out.

Update the Parking Lot:

When you were looking for the perfect location for your business, you probably took parking into consideration. After all, customers may be less likely to shop at your store if they can never find a parking spot.

If your store has its own parking lot, make sure it’s not covered in potholes and that the lines are clearly painted on and not too faded. Also, be sure to check for garbage periodically and sweep up if it gets dirty.

Consider repaving and repainting the lines if your parking lot is getting old. It makes up such a huge part of your stores exterior and affects your customers’ experience, so make sure you keep it well-maintained.

Increasing Your Front Door Curb Appeal

From power washing your exterior to throwing down a welcome mat, there are tons of ways to improve your front door curb appeal. Just follow our guide for the best ideas to get those customers through the door.

Are you looking for more tips and tricks to help your business thrive? Then check out our small business blog page today.

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