What Rims Will Fit My Car: A Short Guide to Aftermarket Wheels

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what rims will fit my car

The global alloy wheels market is expected to reach nearly $25 billion by 2024.

This is pretty staggering when you consider that every car you buy already comes with its own set of perfectly good wheels. But many of us still prefer to upgrade them.

Standard rims can look ok. But if you want to really make your car your own, a sweet set of rims is a great place to start. The important thing is to make sure you’re buying wheels that are the right size to fit your vehicle.

What rims will fit my car? Read on to learn exactly how to figure it out.

How to Determine What Rims Will Fit My Car:

There are a number of factors that you need to consider when trying to fit the right size rims.

Wheels are three-dimensional pieces of kit. So you need to make sure that they fit in every direction. Here is a guide to the key measurements.

Wheel Diameter:

The most common measurement you will hear people talk about when discussing wheels is the diameter.

When someone is boasting about their awesome 20-inch rims, it’s the diameter that they’re bragging about. This measures how big the wheel is from one side to the other. Or rather, from bead seat to bead seat.

The bead seat is the flat part of the wheel that the tire will fit onto. The center of the wheel will usually have a deeper channel, but the bead seat is the flat part that joins to the edge of the wheel. The diameter is measured in inches.

Wheel Width:

This is pretty self-explanatory.

Once again you measure from bead seat to bead seat, but this time across the width of the wheel. A wider wheel means a wider tire, which means more of your tire making contact with the road. This can have a significant impact on handling and performance.

Wheel Offset:

The wheel offset is how far from the center of the wheel the mounting surface is.

The mounting surface is the part of the wheel that you use to bolt the rims on. The bigger the offset, the more your rims will protrude from out of the wheel arches.

Bolt Pattern:

In order to fit your rims, the bolt pattern and bolt holes need to match those of your car.

If your bolt pattern doesn’t match, or the bolt hole size is wrong, you won’t be able to mount your rims. So you need to be sure of your measurements.

Tire Size:

If you’re buying wheel and tire packages then you’ll need to take the size of the tire into account too.

If your rims are a larger diameter than the standard wheels for your car, then you’ll need a tire with a lower profile. Otherwise, the wheel and tire combined may not fit beneath your wheel arch. You can also look for the best easy out bolt extractor that will help you in the long run.

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