Most Common Car Maintenance Myths in Jamaica

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The people of Jamaica belong to many different regions and cities. There is a mixed popularity seen in this region. European, African, chines and east Indians are found in the population. As the region is mixed with people belonging to different cultures and following different norms, they have developed various myths. These myths could be related to how we spend our lives to how we handle our cars. Here in this blog, I am going to tell you what most Jamaican believe about car maintenance. Therefore, let’s begin the list of myths Jamaican follows as summarized below.

1. A Punctured Tire Is a Complete Waste:

Many Jamaican believe that once a tire is punctured it is never going to work that way and it must be thrown away or replaced with the new one. However, there is a way through which you can decide according to whether to throw it or not. If you find a hole in your tire and it’s over, 1/4 inch in the diameter than only you have to replace it otherwise there is no such need. You can simply refill it and there it goes with a slight fixing by the expert.

2. Flushing off The Transmission Fluid:

Many mechanics suggest changing the transmission fluid as frequently as possible. However, that’s not what it is. The experts working at Japanese used cars in Jamaica say that the transmission fluid is designed to last over 100,000 miles and it should not be changed before that. However, it is true that for every vehicle there is a different criterion to maintain. However, by such a condition in which a huge distance is involved, you can think that for none of the car it would be necessary to change the transmission fluid again and again.

3. High Octane Fuel Must Be Used:

Its completely fine to take care of your care but that does not mean that by filling your tank with only high octane fuel can make it perform well. High-octane fuel is recommended for those cars whose user manual have special instructions to use it. Otherwise, one should not risk the performance of his or her car.

4. It’s Good to Drive a Dirty Car:

Jamaica is a region surrounded by many beaches and islands. The environment contains a sort of breeze in it that leaves things moist and greasy. Though the lives of people are too busy there but to hide it, it’s not good to follow this myth as an excuse for not maintaining the car. Jamaican believes that dust particles help to reduce wind resistance, which improves the fuel economy. However, dust particles decrease the fuel efficiency of the car and it increases gas mileage. Therefore, instead of accumulating dust on your car you better should wipe it off.

5. Fill Your Fuel Tank in the Morning:

It’s funny but it is a myth that many Jamaican believes to be true. The cars experienced a frequent fuel consumption due to moist environment of the place. So people tend to find ways through which they can reduce this consumption. They think that by filling your tank right in the mooring help to save some money on fuel consumption. The science behind this myth states that gasoline expands with heat, as you pour the fuel in when the car is heated up it consumes more fuel as compared to the situation in which the car is cooled down. The fuel being denser takes more space. However, according to the facts, gasoline is present underground, which means that none of the temperatures can affect its quantity or proportion. Your car will require the same amount in the morning as well as in the evening.

6. Replacing Coolant Fluid While Changing the Oil:

Though coolant fluid and air filters are totally disconnected with engine oil, many people suggest replacing them before changing the engine oil. They have managed to bring a sort of reason too that can support their myth. There is a fixed time period stated in the user manual of the car according to which the owner is asked to replace the fluid. But people hardly ever follow that manual. They do what others teach them or what the mechanic misguide them.

To Wrap Up:

It’s not difficult to maintain your car whether you are living in Jamaica or not. No matter how luxurious or how simple your car is, it requires to be timely maintained. You have to simply check the brake and engine oil. See if there is a choking in the pipes after every 6 to 7 days and follow expert’s guidance instead of following the myth. These myths are of no use by following such notions you will end up spoiling your good performing car.

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