Many players dream of becoming a streamer and having a large audience, someone wants to amuse their own, someone wants to be popular as their favorite streamer, who is regularly watched on twitch, and someone wants the viewer to follow how he buy cheap gold in some then the game and threw off donations.

Here Are The Top Needs To Help You Become A Streamer:

Today, we will analyze what devices are needed to start streaming:

  • Powerful PC
  • Second monitor
  • good microphone
  • Webcam

1. Powerful PC

Powerful PC

Of course, the term powerful PC is rather vague, but we will explain what components are needed to make the viewer feel comfortable. After all, you have to not only pull the power of the game but also the audience in any quantity.

2. CPU

A powerful processor will ensure fast and correct processing of data from the game and streaming. We select a processor not lower than the 5th generation. It is better to choose the 7th or 9th.

3. RAM

 ram module

No less than 8 GB. RAM directly affects the speed of the game. Part of the memory will be taken by the operating system and part will go to the audience, this is not counting the game itself. For demanding projects, at least 16 GB of RAM is recommended, and 32 GB would be ideal.

4. Video Card

Consider 3 series video cards - 3060 and above. They do an excellent job with games and will help to withstand the influx of spectators. Budget episodes can cause FPS drops if there are too many viewers.

5. Second Monitor

streaming home studio

Another monitor will be a great helper for any steamer. You always need to monitor the chat on twitch and conduct a dialogue with the viewers, and respond to donations. The viewer can get bored if the streamer doesn't pay enough attention to their questions and comments.

Choosing a second monitor is easy. It must be HD quality and support 1920x1080 extension. These are optimal parameters in terms of price and quality - you should be able to clearly see what people are writing, and in your free time from streaming, you can turn on your favorite movie in parallel and enjoy two things at the same time.

6. Good Microphone

A good microphone is a very flexible concept, and they vary greatly in price, but there are a number of criteria by which you can choose a pretty good microphone for a beginner or an experienced streamer.

  1. Sound - each microphone from the budget and the middle segment has its own characteristics, pros, and cons. We need not only to find a good microphone based on reviews and comments but also to listen to audio reviews on our own, of which there are a lot on YouTube.
  1. Sound card - for more professional microphones for streaming, podcasts and vocals, you need to buy a sound card, which will help you fine-tune the sound and achieve the perfect sound. In mid-level microphones, a sound card is often built-in, and this will be the best solution - in such microphones, you don’t need to buy anything for a normal sound, just listen to the reviews and understand that the quality of this model suits us.
  1. Bracket and accessories - not every microphone model comes with a filter and bracket, or stand, but they are needed to ensure good sound. The presence of a microphone on the stand already reduces the amount of extraneous noise entering the microphone. It is advisable to equip the room in general so that the sound is minimally reflected on the walls - carpets and special accessories for decorating the sound studio will help with this.

Also, keep in mind that a small room doesn't mean it's perfect for a microphone - listen to the output sound and draw your own conclusions.

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7. Webcam

A good webcam is essential for most streamers. Viewers are more likely to watch content where they can also see the content creator himself.

Choosing a good webcam is not difficult - we take a trusted manufacturer, and look through the parameters so that there are good video recording parameters and silhouette coverage. It is desirable that the recording was carried out in 1920x1080 - the optimal HD quality.

With the help of a good webcam, you can adjust the silhouette so that no stranger is visible in the air - the room and the environment.

The main task of a webcam is to convey your mood and emotion to the viewer. Streamers who know how to charismatically and coolly express emotions on content are especially loved by the audience, over time, depending on the mood, the webcam can be turned off, but it is recommended to start playing with it.

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