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How Custom Stickers can help to Grow your Start-up (includes 3 easy start tips)

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read February 18, 2021 Last Updated on: November 22nd, 2023

Custom Stickers

Are you launching a new brand in 2021? Or has the Coronavirus pandemic hurt your startup, and you need new ways to kickstart growth.

We could all do with new ways of building our brands and, ultimately, growing the bottom line. This is not an easy task in our highly competitive world and made even less easy by Covid-19.

We’re here to help! With a slightly different perspective than maybe you’ve read about before. We want to give you tried & tested ideas that will help to grow your business alongside the mainstream Google PPC, Facebook Ads, Instagram Shopping, and direct email marketing.

The best bit!? In many cases, you can use our ideas to boost your efforts in your current marketing campaigns.

We are speaking about using the power of custom stickers, and we’ll explain why we think you should be using this tool can lead to your businesses’ growth-

Stickers are an awesome way to grow your startup for 2 reasons:

1. Consumers do not think of custom stickers in the way they perceive marketing materials. People think of them as some kind of a reward or a gift from the brands. If the sticker is good, quirky, and serves a purpose, consumers are more than likely to use it.

2. They are low-cost. Low costs also lower risk making them easy to try. Low costs also make getting a high return on investment easier.

Before we jump into our four ideas for using custom stickers, we want to explain why giving gifts is powerful.

When someone receives a gift, they feel compelled to return the favor. They are indebted to you. This is a powerful feeling and can influence powerful human behavior. For example, they might have an increased chance of buying from you, or posting a shout-out ‘thank you!’ on Instagram, or simply stick it on their laptop. All of which can be super powerful.

Now you know why stickers are so good, let’s jump straight into how you can use them-

1. Add stickers to your shipments:

Add stickers to your shipments

Successful brands such as Apple put multiple stickers in with their iPhones for a good reason. Stickers are low-cost & adding them to product packages serves a great purpose.

Here’s why.

According to Google, there are billions of brands mentions each day on search. 90+% of the same takes place in an offline world. People buy on recommendations. You can supercharge your growth by getting your best customers to represent your brand wherever they go, in the form of a sticker applied to laptops or phones.

2. Give away stickers to social influencers:

Influencer Marketing by handing over branded stickers can be a great promotional, advertising, and marketing tool for businesses. It works especially well with smaller influencers.

Micro-influencers tend to have significant followings on platforms like Instagram. Experts suggest that using mega influencers for the same is not a good idea as they tend to forget about the same.

Giving stickers & merch uses the power of reciprocity we mentioned earlier. You can always try die-cut and waterproof stickers from www.stickeryou.com. It is simple, fun, and very affordable.

3. Grow your social following with guerilla marketing:

Grow your social following with guerilla marketing

If you haven’t come across guerilla marketing before, it’s a strategy that is highly effective wherein you use innovative means and mediums to get your message across to the consumers.

There are loads of ways stickers can be used for such kinds of campaigns. This is simple, effective, and makes for a great social media campaign.

We love how effective this is. The people walking look like little fleas on the dog – brilliant.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas, and they will help you to grow your new startup. If you have any comments or questions, please comment below.

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