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Did You Know Jenna Ortega Is Already Part Of The MCU? Read More!  

author-img By sagnika sinha 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Did You Know Jenna Ortega Is Already Part Of The MCU_ Read More!

The teen sensation Jenna Ortega already acted in the movie Iron Man 3, thus becoming a part of the MCU. Ortega was quite young when she portrayed the role of the Vice President’s daughter, who uses a wheelchair.

The villain in the movie used her and her disability as a weakness of the vice president as a father to manipulate him to agree to what they were asking!

The vice president’s promises were all about his failure as a father being used as a currency. Thus, the Extremis receive help from him. Her character is pivotal to the plot; however, there was no hint of her role extending in the next movie.

However, there have been multiple opportunities in the MCU where characters come back, or there is a possibility of the characters making a reappearance. We are not completely leaving the possibility of future appearances regarding Ortega getting re-casted in the MCU.

We are discussing her appearance because of the brief cameo of John Krasinski in the movie Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as Mr. Fantastic. Fans were in an uproar, and his portrayal brought on a lot of perception, thus creating a lot of fan theories.

The rumors, speculations, and arrival of the cast in MCU have always excited fans. The swift rise of the Fantastic Four adjacent players confirms the practice of the MCU universe coming together. People across the universe have been brought together to act in a movie while making them popular.

Who wouldn’t like to work in a superhero franchise, especially when receiving attention and spotlight? Even though her role was non-speaking in Iron Man 3, it was still significant enough for the whole plot to revolve around her weakness, which was being used against her father.

It was also important because she was an indirect catalyst who influenced the central conflict. Therefore, keep watching as your favorite Jenna might be in one of the future MCU movies, creating a graph of her own.

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