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Tate Brothers Can Beat Logan And Jake Paul: Andrew Claims

author-img By Sarmind Safi 5 Mins Read December 15, 2023 Last Updated on: December 18th, 2023

Tate Brothers Can Beat Logan And Jake Paul: Andrew Claims

Former kick-boxer and highly controversial social media icon Andrew Tate has claimed that he can beat YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul and Logan Paul.

Andrew Tate is best known for showcasing his extravagant lifestyle and putting forward extremely controversial opinions on women, government, and ways to become as rich as him.

King Cobra has recently appeared on Logan Paul’s former podcast host and buddy Jorge Janko’s YouTube channel and both discussed at length Andrew Tate’s life and much more. Tate appeared to be highly impressed with Janko’s opinions.

During the conversation Tate has talked about fighting against the Paul brothers (Jake and Logal Paul) in the cage.

Tate claimed that he and his brother could easily defeat the Paul brothers, “You know what, I’m trying so hard not to start internet beef, I’m really trying not to. I’m trying to live peacefully but of course, I have absolute faith in myself and my brother. I know we’ve been through it and I know the kind of men we are.”

It is undoubtedly true that the Paul brothers and the Tate brothers are two of the biggest names in the world right now. They both belong to the combat sports arena.

The Tate brothers had their first taste of popularity as kickboxers. The Paul brothers have been pioneers of influencer boxing. Logan Paul is also an active WWE star and is a current United States Champion.

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