How To Rid Your Backyard Of Mosquitoes

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rid your backyard of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes thrive the most during rainy seasons. As a result of the heavy downpour, there is always stagnant water in different environments.  Thus, providing a suitable breeding ground for mosquitoes.

In general, It is very easy for mosquitoes to thrive in most environments. All they need is a host to feed from and stagnant water to lay their eggs. Mosquitoes develop from eggs to adults within a time frame of 10 days, and sometimes less. This versatility makes them a very difficult menace to deal with.

Worse still, mosquitoes are vectors of serious diseases like malaria, zika, and dengue fever. The livelihood of contracting these diseases increases with the increasing intensity of the rainy season. The more reason to be proactive when dealing with mosquitoes.

Now suppose you noticed that your backyard appears to be a suitable breeding ground for mosquitoes, you may not be able to stop them from biting. It’s why you have to prevent them from breeding before they become a menace. Here are some effective measures to prevent mosquito infestation.

Ways To Prevent Mosquitoes from breeding

1. Keep Pools Drained When Not in Use

Swimming pools can serve as a suitable breeding ground for mosquitoes as the water is trapped in an enclosed space, it is therefore stagnant water by design. You should drain the swimming pool completely when not in use or constantly treated and the water kept totally clean whenever there’s water in it.

2. Keep Gutters Clean at All Times

One place that never runs short of water is the gutters. Gutters are primarily designed to control the flow of water in a house or an environment. In some cases, gutters may have deformed, or obstructed by leaves and other particles and tend to harbor small pockets of water even after it has been cleaned. It is not enough to keep your gutters clean. It is important that you ensure proper maintenance of gutters whenever there’s a need for renovations.

3. Store Unwanted Items Properly

There are several items that certain homeowners don’t use but are left lying around, littering the home. During the event of rainfall these items that are left littering the environment will serve as containers to hold little amounts of water (stagnant water) the perfect breeding ground for Mosquitoes. All unwanted items should be properly disposed of or kept in a clean dry store for future use.

4. Always check for leaking pipes

Where there’s a leaking pipe, there is stagnant water. Ensure you conduct a periodic check of all plumbing and every pipe in your home to make sure that they’re all in good condition. If you notice any leaks, call a plumber as soon as possible to curtail the breeding of mosquitoes in the water pocket that might have been formed at the site.

5. Always drain waste water properly in bathrooms and toilets

Very few people are conscious of the fact that stagnant water in bathrooms also poses a good breeding ground for Mosquitoes. Always make sure that waste water is properly drained after using the bathroom or toilets. 

Asides from the annoying whines and noises of mosquitoes, their presence poses danger to one’s wellbeing. As a result, it is important to prevent mosquitoes from turning your backyard into a breeding ground. If you’re having a mosquito infestation and you seek a solution, reach out to a professional. Click here to rid yourself of your mosquito problems today.

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