There is something instantly attractive about curly hair, a charming innocence that stands out of the crowd. You may not have naturally curly hair but with the right techniques, you too can boast wavy tresses and delicate spirals. Here are some great ‘curly hair’ hacks that you absolutely need to know.

Keeping Those Curls Alive:

If your temporary curls seem to lose their shape in a very short time, there are a few things you can do about it. If your hair is naturally thin and you do not have much volume, get products that address. Give your hair the right texture before you think of curling it – there are different mousses that can help with this. After you have shampooed and conditioned your hair, blow dry with a diffuser.

When you are done with your curling session, ease away the frizz with a high-quality hairspray. It is very important that you give your natural hair some respite if the curling techniques are not working. Trim split hairs and give it a healthy shampoo massage – do not be in a hurry to get those curls and let your hair recover a bit first.

For those with voluminous hair, curling is a much easier affair. In fact, you can look for the best curling iron for long thick hair reviewed by the experts. When you curl your hair, note the barrel size. Bigger barrel sizes are great for the wavy look while smaller sizes give you more defined, delicate curvy shapes.

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Maintaining Your Curly Hair:

Curly hair is usually drier than regular hair and has a more delicate, breakable texture. When you choose a shampoo or conditioner, go for the one formulated for damaged hair. Salon products are always better – drugstore items tend to be more diluted. Curly hair specific formulas are also recommended. If you want to preserve the curls, do not shampoo more than twice a week.

A setting spray can also do wonders. Get one with heat protection properties and use this spray before you pick up your curling iron.

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Having The Right Gear:

When you have curls, you will need to give them more attention than regular straight hair. Apart from a top-quality curler, simple things like combs and scrunchies are very important. The latter help you hold your hair together when you sleep or are involved in physical activity. This protects the curls from getting too disturbed or losing shape.

Combing is important because it gets rid of the naturally falling hair strands. If they stay on your scalp, they will cause tangles – and we all know what happens when curly hair tangles. When you pick up a comb, go for a brush that is specifically made for curly hair. They usually have soft, round-tip nylon bristles that are flexible and induce a massaging sensation on your scalp.

There are so many styles and looks that you can try out with curly hair. Whether you want something glamorous or you prefer the next-door look, you will have a lot of fun trying things out with your curls.

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