Instagram is one of the best platforms to share photography, videos, and other content related to various topics. Millions of people use Instagram for different purposes. However, sometimes Instagram stories become blurry after upload. If you have questions like, "Why are my Instagram stories blurry?”, “Why are my reels blurry?” then consider reading through to the end of the article.

You recently took a great video or a photo from your phone, and after you posted it on your Instagram profile, you find out that the post (photo or video) is blurry. If you encounter your Instagram videos blurry after upload or if you find your Instagram story quality bad, then there can be various reasons for it.

In this article, you will not only be able to understand the reason behind the blurriness of the post, but you will also get to know various ways to fix the issue.

Why Is My Instagram Story Blurry?

Here, I will answer your questions, why is my reel blurry?” and “why are my Instagram videos blurry?”. 

In some cases, due to a lack of internet connectivity, or server problems, Instagram compresses the quality of the image or video once you upload it as your story or reel. Furthermore, if you start adding stickers, gifs, music, and other stuff to your posts, it becomes further blurry.

Instagram Story Blurry

On the other hand, based on how you capture the image or how you record the video, your post can be blurry too. Moreover, it can be a problem with the application too. In other cases, the problem can be your mobile too. 

No matter the reason, you will need to ensure that the problem is fully fixed. To fix the issues in various ways, you will need to read the next section of this article.

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Why Are My Instagram Stories Blurry? - Best Ways To Fix 

You might already know that your Instagram stories reels disappear after twenty-four hours. However, they can blur due to a variety of reasons, depending on the internet connection, software problem, server problem, or even camera problem. No matter what the issue is, you can always fix it. All you need to do here is follow the fixes that I am providing below:

 Instagram Stories Blurry

Fix 1: Instagram Server Problem

If you re-upload the photo and see that the blurriness disappears, then there might have been a problem with the Instagram server. In such cases, you will need to wait for a few minutes until the website works better.

Fix 2: Update Your Instagram App

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your Instagram app works properly, and does not produce any more blurry images and videos, is to reinstall the app. Uninstall the app, and install it again from the app store, and the app will work as usual.

Fix 3: Upload A New Reel

The best way to find out the problem is whether you face the exact same issue even after re-uploading a new reel. If your new Instagram reel is blurry, then the problem is there. If it is not, it must be because the photo is damaged, or the internet connection was enough then.

Fix 4: Upload Using Mobile Data Only

It might be that you are facing blurry images due to the failure of your Wi-Fi. Check whether your Wi-Fi connection works properly. If not, you must consider using your mobile data only and stop using Wi-Fi from your phone. However, you need not do it if your Wi-Fi internet connection is in full working order.

Fix 5: Turn Off The “Data Saver” Option On Instagram App

To help save data, Instagram comes with a feature with the help of which the app consumes fewer data to operate. If you want to turn off the data saver from Instagram, go to Settings, and in the account section, tap on Data Usage. Here, turn off the data-saving option.

Fix 6: Turn On The "High-Quality Upload" Option On Instagram

Your images and video reels are probably blurry since the upload quality is not great. Instagram allows you to change your upload settings to upload better-quality videos and pictures. If you are uploading high-quality videos, ensure that you are using Wi-Fi since the upload will take a lot of data.

Fix 7: Manage Your Camera Settings

Ensure that the camera mode is correct on your phone. This will enable your camera to keep the photo in focus and not blur the image. Furthermore, some phones experience shutter lags often. In such cases, you will need to be careful and not hurry.

Fix 8: Make Use Of The Instagram Camera

Instagram comes with a built-in camera. Once you click photos or record videos through the Instagram camera, you can be sure of the format and quality of the images and videos that you want to upload as reels on Instagram.

Fix 9: Send The Photo To A Friend On Another Social Media

You can also experience blurry images and videos due to a problem on your phone. In such cases, you should consider sending that photo or video to a friend through another social media platform, like Facebook or WhatsApp. Ask your friend to tell you whether the picture you sent is blurry to them or not.

Fix 10: Ensure Your Image Format Is Correct

If you do not format and crop your image correctly as per the guidance of Instagram, the app updates your image. This can result in a pixelated or blurry image. In the case of videos, ensure that each video you upload is of the right size, that is, a minimum of 600 x 1067 pixels, and with the right aspect ratio.

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Final Thought

In this article, I have answered your question, “Why are my Instagram stories blurry?” You found here the potential reasons for the blurriness of Instagram reels and stories. Furthermore, I also offered you ten different fixes that you can make to prevent the issue that you are facing with blurriness. 

So, next time you encounter this problem, you know what to do. Furthermore, if you know of any better fix, you must use the comment section below to help other people deal with the problem better.

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