Vaping has become a trend in recent years, as an alternative to smoking and a way to help with smoking cessation. There are many women who are interested in trying vaping but don’t know where to start.

Knowing which type of vaping apparatus to use and about the different types of e-liquid will help new vapers get started on the right foot. Making an informed decision will offer the best possible chances for success in vaping for smoking cessation.

Types of E-Liquid

E-liquid is the actual component that you are vaping when using an e-cigarette. There are different brands available, such as Viper Vapor eLiquids, as well as different makeups and flavor profiles. You can get e-liquid with or without nicotine. Some prefer an e-liquid with more of a fruity, fun flavor, while others prefer an e-liquid with a tobacco flavor profile to mimic cigarettes.

In addition to being able to choose whether or not you have nicotine, you can also choose how much nicotine you want. You can even get e-liquid that is certified plant-based or vegan.

Types of Vaporizers

There is a variety of apparatuses from which you can choose to start vaping, each with their unique sets of pros and cons. Here are some of the most common vaporizers used:

Pocket Vapes

Pocket vapes are, as the name implies, small vaporizers that are meant to be easily transportable and discreet. Many women choose to use pocket vapes because they can easily be thrown in a purse or bag for travel. Of course, as the apparatus is smaller, it will need to be reloaded more frequently, meaning that you’ll need to have extra e-liquid with you.


E-cigarettes are the original vaping apparatus that were created with smoking cessation in mind. Like other vaping apparatuses, they mimic the sensation of smoking without the smoke. Their shape and often their appearance also resemble that of a traditional cigarette, which can be psychologically beneficial when using an e-cigarette to quit smoking. You can get e-cigarettes that release minimal vapor into the air.

Pen Vape

A pen vape is similar to an e-cigarette but more modernized. The structure of the apparatus is similar in structure to a pen, and consists of an atomizer, wick, and battery. The e-liquid is soaked up by the wick, then vaporized with the push of a button. Pen vapes are easy to use and recommended for beginners.

Box Mods

Box mods are the most intricate form of vaporizers and not recommended for beginners. If you decide to start vaping for leisure, you may want to move onto one of these in the future. Box mods offer more control regarding the amount of vapor inhaled, with a steep learning curve that can take some getting used to.

Vaping Legalities and Etiquette

As vaping is relatively new in society, the laws and regulations haven’t yet caught up. There is still a lot of gray area surrounding how to manage vaping from a legal standpoint. With cigarettes, you know that there are toxins being emitted into the air no matter what brand you use. With vaping, there are a lot of variables depending on the user.

While vaping doesn’t leave behind the residue or smell that cigarettes do, it’s best practice to ask before vaping when in someone’s home or a public area. Check the public bylaws in your area, and remember that privately owned establishments can often set up their own regulations in addition to the legal requirements - just because it isn’t illegal to vape in a restaurant, doesn’t mean the restaurant owner will allow it.

Finally, be sure you purchase your e-liquid and accessories from a responsible supplier for the best possible experience.


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