4 Tips For Learning To Love Your Body

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Looking at social media and magazines can create unhealthy perceptions of what you should look like.  For some people who have suffered accidents, or have conditions which cause them to look different from what’s considered a “conventional” body it can be a traumatizing comparison.

There’s no such thing as hating your way to a better body.  It may work as a temporary motivation to reach your fitness goals,  however over time; you’ll find you’re never satisfied.  Hating your body is a damaging mindset with potentially costly consequences.

Being overly self-critical can lead to depression, poor work performance, and even strained relationships.  It’s in your best interest to start seeing what’s right rather than what’s wrong with your body and feeling proud of what you’ve got.  Here are some of the best ways to get started.

Engage In an Exercise Program:

Believe it or not, your body’s a miracle.  It’s an intricately designed system which is intertwined in ways which prove mother nature is truly magnificent.  The fact that you are alive and breathing, have a consciousness, and can think and feel alone is incredible.

In order to start creating more confidence in your body and appreciating its wonder, it can help to start using it more.  The more you engage in an exercise program, the more you’ll appreciate what your body can do.  By keeping up with practice and repetition, your body will start to feel stronger and stronger.  By confusing on how you feel rather than what you look like, you’ll start to have an incredible amount of respect for your physicality.

Treat Yourself:

Don’t hesitate to treat yourself once in a while with things that make you feel more confident.  Splurge on a pair of jeans you feel better in.  Get waxed if it makes you feel more attractive.

Go get a nice haircut, or buy a nice pair of shoes.  Whatever brings you personal happiness when you wear it is a positive thing! Don’t forget to indulge once in a while.

Say Words Of Self-Encouragement:

All day long we are telling ourselves negative affirmations. “I should have done this.”  “I can’t believe I didn’t do that.”  What if we tried to tell ourselves encouraging affirmations instead?

Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back a few times a day.  If you only talk to yourself when you’ve done something you find wrong, rather than also giving yourself a little credit sometimes, you’ll feel much better overall.

Stop Comparing Yourself:

The best way to feel terrible about yourself is to compare yourself to others around you.  No two people are the same, so if you strive to be someone else all the time, then you will never be happy.

Stop comparing yourself to others, and you’ll find you love yourself even more.

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