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good carbs and bad carbs

A rich source of calorie to your diet, carbohydrates is one of the basic food habits which support the healthier life of an individual. CALORIES! Yes! While some carbs are considered as an essential element which provides energy to your body, they are also some which are responsible behind overloading your stomach and making you fat. So do you have an idea about which carb is which?

Say, for example, we all have been consuming green vegetables and pasta. Both are believed to carry carbohydrates in our body. The only major difference is that green vegetables are the simple carbs, which are necessary for your healthier growth, whereas pasta is the complex carbs, which we need to stay away from. The conclusion, therefore, takes us to the point that not all the carbs are alike. So you need to be sharp bad carbs vs good carbs, and change your approach towards them.

Carbohydrates are mainly composed of these three key elements:

  • Sugar: The sweetness in food for example, glucose, lactose, fructose, and the sucrose.
  • Fiber: You cannot digest fiber, but fiber helps enormously in giving you a better digestive system.
  • Starch: This is the sequence of glucose molecules, which break down and get absorbed in your digestive system.

We can distinguish the list of good and bad carbs into the “whole” and “complex” carbs. The whole carbs take time to breakdown and soak –up in the digestive system, while the complex carbs are absorbed faster in the body, and can take your blood sugar level- higher.

Whole Carbohydrates:
  1. Vegetables: This includes all the vegetables and mainly comprises the green vegetables. They are a very good source of fiber to the body.
  2. Whole Grains and seeds: Barley, rice, millet, corn, oats, emmer are the whole grains, while black sesame seeds, brown mustard are the whole seeds. These are the good sources of carbohydrates to the body.
  3. Legumes, dry fruits, nuts, and other tubers are the essential and vital source of carbohydrates.
Complex carbohydrates:
  1. Beverages: These have high contains of sugar, which isn’t preferable for a healthy consumption.
  2. White rice: With no fibre contains, this complex carb is a processed food form and very unhealthy.
  3. Pasta and Cookies: Though these foods delight our souls, they are very terrific in giving you those unwanted and extra calories. However, if you prefer whole wheat pasta in place of the refined, and cookies made with artificial sugar and whole wheat, you can go with the flow.
  4. Ice cream, candies, processed fruit juice: Made with artificial flavours, lots of sugar, and packed for sale, these food habits have to be avoided to keep you healthier. But, you can anyway prefer to eat dark chocolate and there’s nothing wrong with it.

However good or bad, simple or complex, eliminating these carbs from your diet completely is a drastic idea. Distinguish between the list of good and bad carbs and know what’s healthy for you. The best alternate, however, is taking your step towards the whole wheat and a single ingredient food. Make your choice wisely! Happy fooding!

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