Email Marketing As A Way To Earn Passive Income In 2020

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Do people open emails you might be asking? I know that’s what you’re probably thinking, who checks their email anymore? It’s just Spam or promotions or junk mail. That’s not the case. When it comes to email marketing, I got four big tips with some real-life examples that you can take away and learn from. If you apply it in your business and I don’t care what industry you’re in: You could be in dropshipping (selling aliexpress best sellers), you could be in e-commerce or you could be in, passive income real estate, personal branding. It doesn’t matter. You need email marketing. Even the biggest brands out there do it So every single person uses email because it’s essentially the free or low cost to send its unlimited promotion. And if you do it right, it’s one of the most profitable returns on investment things you can do in business. So the first of the four powerhouse tips are just an Insight that I want to give you.

Email Marketing As A Way To Earn Passive Income In 2020:

If you build a massive YouTube channel, or you build this big following on Instagram or you build a great Facebook community group. You don’t own that at all. That is an asset that Google owns that Mark Zuckerberg owns and all the data, right? That is an asset that Pinterest owns Instagram up all that stuff. Okay, so you have no control over what you can’t download those contacts. All you can do is pray to God and you know, the Facebook gods that once you upload a photo or a video that everyone who says they wanted to see it, sees it. Here’s where that scary one change in an algorithm can ruin your entire business.

Okay, so let’s just say you built this million subscriber YouTube channel, which I know I’m friends with people who have and you don’t have an email list. You don’t have any other platform. YouTube, if they keep changing their algorithms, let’s just say they shut down your channel – then you’re out of luck is less and fewer people start seeing your video which happens time and time again. What if they make an update and add revenue and let’s just say you’re no longer eligible and you were banking on that. What are you going to do or if you have a cool program or offer as the answer is not to just produce more on that platform. This is where email marketing comes in because what you’re doing is, you’re collecting a list of people.

These people are called leads. So, you’re building up this contact database and you can send them broadcast emails, which we’ll talk about in a little bit. You can send them autoresponders. You can send them deals, unlimited traffic to whatever you want and it’s completely yours to control and what’s cool, is that security if you have an email list now, you can go anywhere with that, you can export that, you can upload it to another list if you don’t like this one.

Anyway, I just wanted to preface this with that big the first tip that the money is in the list and that’s a true thing. If you want to make passive income, you need to get your message out and the best way to guarantee that you get your message out is by owning your method of communication, which you don’t have on some other platforms.

Collect Email Addresses:

Collect Email Addresses

To get into the practical side of thing: The very first thing you need is a way to collect email addresses. You can’t just mail through Google, right? Like I see some sheets. If you go to your local farmers market, let’s say and they say sign up for our local promotions. Well, if they’re collecting these email addresses right hundreds and hundreds on a sheet and they go to Google and they try and do that, your Gmail account cannot handle that. So, you need to sign up for something called an email service provider and you have a few options. Some of them are free and some of them you need to pay for and of course, the bigger your email list is the more you have to pay. Now, this makes sense because it’s inexpensive to send emails considering the return on investments you can get. All right, let’s just say it costs you $50 a month, but you make a thousand dollars a month from sending emails. Well, wouldn’t you do that? Of course, you would. The cost if you’re using it right is minimal, so I’ll give you a couple of options to choose from.


The first is AWeber and I like these guys a lot. I’ve been with them. I’d like to say since day one, but I used MailChimp for a little bit and then I switched to AWeber and I’ll explain a little more why in the future and to be honest, an AWeber is not the best. Okay, they’re kind of the dinosaurs. They’ve been around since the beginning but they’re very reliable. They’re easy to use, they’re intuitive and they have good pricing. Another provider I would recommend is MailChimp. And the reason I went with MailChimp was that it’s free to sign up and start building an email list, up until 2000 subscribers. You can get a MailChimp account and it’s free, which is great, right the downside to this is that they don’t allow affiliate marketing they’re pretty strict on it. So as we’ve previously discussed, it’s one of the coolest passive income opportunities out there were, you don’t have to create products. You can sell other people’s stuff and they pay you a commission if someone buys it, so like on Amazon you just link a little custom link and then if people want that camera that you recommend they can buy it you get a commission. MailChimp does not support that but AWeber does.


As an example, my Aweber account has 13000 active subscribers, which honestly I’m embarrassed about. I should have a much bigger email list and I’ll explain why well. Eventually, you’re going to want to do something if people don’t open your emails, or maybe they give you a fake email address you want to do a list cleaning, where you delete them. AWeber makes it very easy to do that. So you never want to have a dead email address is on there because if you send to them the Gmail’s, they flag it I have lists for people who are lead. So if they fill out contacts on an order form, but maybe they didn’t buy so I can follow up with them. I have members of the courses. So all these different people have opted in to email lists. And, so you’re like, okay. Well, how do I get people to opt into my list and I want to give you some tips now and the very first thing I’ll say is that to get it’s better to give. You give to get.

Have you ever been to a page, and there’s nothing worse than this, it’s like “sign up for free updates”. Why would I sign up for free updates? My inbox already has like 3,000 emails in there. I do not need one more. But then, have you been to a site where it said: “Hey sign up here and get a 10% off coupon code or sign up here and get our free checklist on ___” and you’re probably much more likely to fill out those, right? And I bet you’ve done that in the past. I know I signed up for a lot of that stuff. That’s because they’re giving so they can get. They’re giving you something for free, a little piece of bait, a little opt-in gift and then the in exchange you give your email to them.

Click Funnels:

There is a site called click funnels that I talk about a lot on my seminars and this is kind of the bread and butter of my business. I run all my membership sites on here. It’s the easiest thing to do. So I’ll show you an example. A successful marketing ad page should look very catchy, with an HD photo or video and with a large font text that would sound something like this:

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