Q1. Which Legendary Actress Has Lost The Best Actress Oscar A Whopping 18 Times?

Option 1: Meryl Streep

Option 2: Judie Dench

Option 3: Helen Mirren

Option 4: Liz Taylor

The correct answer to this question is Meryl Streep.

Which Legendary Actress Has Lost The Best Actress Oscar A Whopping 18 Times? Do you remember Meryl Streep...the legendary actress of The Post? She is the answer to this question.

Well, it’s true that Meryl Streep was the one to get nominated for the highest number of times at the Oscar Award but got to win only 3 times. This indicates her remarkable track record of losses in the Best Actress Oscars. 

Wanna get more insights about her long journey of failures despite being an eligible nomination? Read our guide till the end to know more on “ Which Legendary Actress Has Lost The Best Actress Oscar A Whopping 18 Times? ” 

Which Legendary Actress Has Lost The Best Actress Oscar A Whopping 18 Times? - The Explanation

Meryl Streep

Let’s start with a headshot avoiding any confusion. Till now, Meryl Streep received Oscar nominations about 21 times throughout his film career. Can you imagine? It’s freaking 21times!!! She is actually the person with the highest number of Oscar nominations. I doubt whether will ever break this record!

Indeed, this is a great achievement, however, there is a gloomy side of this success that many of you can’t imagine. So what’s that? Out of these 21 Oscar Nominations, Meryl Steep won only thrice leaving 18 hard lucks. That’s super heartbreaking. I can’t even think of myself in her position...what it would be like losing 18 nominations in a single career journey!

Following are the movies for which she won 1 best-supporting actress award and 2 best actress awards:

  •  Kramer Vs. Kramer in 1980 - The best-supporting actress award
  •  Sophie’s Choice (1988) - Best Actress Award
  • The Iron Lady (2012)

Which legendary actress has lost the best actress oscar a whopping 18 times? - That’s all about this question! However, are you really satisfied with this much answer? I am sure the above explanation has piqued your interest to learn about Meryl Streep’s history of Oscar failures. So, let’s dive right in without any further ado.

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Meryl Streep’s 18 Oscar Defeats

Meryl Streep’s 18 Oscar Defeats

Here we have jotted down the awards where Meryl Streep was on the nomination list but could not make it through till the Winning award.

1. 51st Academy Awards (1979) - Best Supporting ActressMeryl Streep was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress (The Deer Hunter) but lost to Maggie Smith (won for California Suite)
2. 54th Academy Awards (1982) Best ActressShe got nominated for the Best Actress for the movie - The French Lieutenant’s Woman. However, Streep lost against Katherine Hepburn. 
3. 56th Academy Awards(1984) Best Actress - It was a Best Actress nomination for the movie Silkwood. Unfortunately, this time also she lost to Shirley MacLaine. 
4. 1986 – 58th Academy Awards – Best Actress - She was nominated for the Best Actress Award (Out Of Africa.) Again it was an epic failure against Geraldine Page. 
5. 1988 – 60th Academy Awards – Best ActressDespite winning the Best Actress nomination for the movie Ironweed, Streep could not win this time as well.  
6. 1989 – 61st Academy Awards – Best ActressAt the 61st Academy Awards, Streep lost to Jodie Foster got the Best Actress award for The Accused. 
7. 1991 – 63rd Academy Awards – Best ActressThe 63rd Academy Award nomination was for the movie Postcards from the Edge. Meryl momentously lost to Kathy Bates (Misery) 
8. 1996 – 68th Academy Awards – Best ActressSusan Sarandon defeated Streep this time and this loss pushed her very close to disappointment. 
9. 1999 – 71st Academy Awards – Best ActressStreep was nominated for One True Thing. Nevertheless, the history repeated this time as well. She lost to Gwyneth Paltrow. 
10. 2000 – 72nd Academy Awards – Best ActressThe hard luck did not leave her back in the 72nd Academy Awards where she got nominated for the movie Music of the Heart. Eventually, she lost against Hilary Swank.
11. 2003 – 75th Academy Awards – Best Supporting ActressBy 2003, she already attained the position of the highest nominated actress. But still, she could not taste the success and lost at the 75th Academy Award against Catherine Zeta-Jones for Chicago. Nonetheless, this time her disheartened expression came to the attention of everyone.  
12. 2007 – 79th Academy Awards – Best ActressHelen Mirren’s win for The Queen in 79th Academy Award made Streep feel devastated but she never did the mistake of expressing her dismay. 
13. 2009 – 81st Academy Awards – Best ActressMeryl was nominated for the 13th time in 81st Academy Awards for the movie Doubt. At the same time, this was her 13th loss as well at the Oscar awards. 
14. 2010 – 82nd Academy Awards – (Best Actress)In spite of her splendid acting in Julie & Julia, Meryl Streep’s 14th loss was to Sandra Bullock.  
15. 2014 – 86th Academy Awards – August: Osage County (Best Actress)Due to the absence of a co-nominee Judie Dench, Streep was hopeful this time. But. surprisingly, in the 86th Academy Awards, Cate Blanchett won the Oscar leaving her in utter displeasure.  
16. 2015 – 87th Academy Awards – Into the Woods (Best Supporting Actress)With the series of bad lucks, Streep became emotionally strong by now. Her excitement was noticeable when the presenters announced the name of the winner Patricia Arquette as if she was ready for the loss this time.   
17. 2017 – 89th Academy Awards – Florence Foster Jenkins (Best Actress)She got nomination for the Academy Award in 2017 for her portrayal of Katharine Graham, the socialite turned newspaper owner, in the docudrama "The Post." But Frances McDormand won for "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri."

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Which Legendary Actress Has Lost The Best Actress Oscar A Whopping 18 Times?

Which Legendary Actress Has Lost The Best Actress Oscar A Whopping 18 Times? Meryl Streep was the legendary actress who lost the best actress oscar a whopping 18 times.

Q2. What Was Meryl Streep's First Movie?

Meryl street’s first movie was a feature film opposite Jane Fonda in 1977. The name of the film was Julia. She got a small role during a flashback sequence. 

Q3. What Is Meryl Streeps Highest Grossing Movie?

The answer is " Mama Mia. " It made $602 million globally and peaked as the actress's highest grossing movie in her entire career.

Wrapping It Up

Which legendary actress has lost the best actress oscar a whopping 18 times? It's none other than 18 times failed Best Actress Oscar nominee - Meryl Streep. Yes, I know how much tough it was for her to accept all these losses, but don’t you think she is a true symbol of motivation? With his calm and composed attitude at every award program, she taught a vital lesson to the world - Failure is not the end, rather it’s a new beginning every time.

Do let us know if you have something unique viewpoint or information to add to this post! We would surely consider the valuable insights from you.

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