Are Nina Dobrev And Victoria Justice The Real-Life Doppelgangers? Find Out Today

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Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice

Do you remember Elena Gilbert from your favorite show, The Vampire Diaries? I’m sure you all do. Her exceptional acting in the American supernatural teen drama won the hearts of several youngsters. But isn’t this amazing if you discover that your favorite Big Names look like twins? That’s exactly what has happened in Hollywood recently. It’s been found out that Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice, the Nickelodeon show’s Tori Vega are very similar in terms of looks.

Take a few moments to read this guide and study the photos we have attached. I bet you also will be able to find a connection between Victoria Justice And Nina Dobrev.

Who Is Nina Dobrev?

Who Is Nina Dobrev

I don’t really expect that any of you are unaware of who Nina Dobrev is since you have already opened the article. Still, we are taking a minute or two from you to tell who she is just to set a background for the article.

Nina Dobrev is a Bulgarian Origin Canadian Actress best known for the roles of Mia Jones In Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001), and Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce on The Vampire Diaries (2009). She is considered to be the cutest person in the world by her fandom. Her incredible beauty, youth, and charming personality make millions of people drool for her.

Who Is Victoria Justice?

Who Is Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice is a 28-year-old American Singer and Actress born in Florida, U.S.A. This young girl came under the limelight at the age of 12 for playing Lola Martinez on Zoey 101. Furthermore, some of her finest works include Tori Vega On Victorius and Shelby Marx on iCarty. Furthermore, she kickstarted her music career in 2011 while working as a vocalist to the soundtrack albums for Victorious, the American Sitcom.

Why Are We Thinking Nina Dobrev And Victoria Justice As Doppelgangers?

Yes, it’s true what you have read. Nina Dobrev has finally found her doppelganger in real-life – Victoria Justice. And guess what, she is not an evil one like Katherine Pierce.

Scroll down to see their twin photographs below….

Why Are We Thinking Nina Dobrev And Victoria Justice As Doppelgangers

The images above were posted by Victoria Justice herself on 18th August 2015 on Twitter. So, what actually happened over there?

It was a star-studded 6th Yearly Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic held in Pacific Palisades, California. She posted a series of snaps from her first polo match, among which there was a hidden treasure. The actress was chilling with stars like Brittany Snow, Lauren Conrad, Camilla Belle, Melanie Iglesias, and The Vampire Diaries lead character Nina Dobrev.

In one such picture, Victoria was posing with her close friend Melanie and budding mate Nina caught public attention – shockingly, Nina and Victoria looked too alike, and fans started thinking whether they were related or not.

Later, both of their admirers individually tallied their photos and detected several similarities. This includes the eyes, the Slavic cheekbones, and even the oval-shaped face structure. Nina Dobrev And Victoria Justice Together in the photo looked so cute and identical, it went viral on social media within minutes of sharing.

This was followed by a gush of messages and comments where Nina and Victoria were informed about this accidental homogeneity. Victoria herself said once, ” Dude! You don’t understand, I get this every single day. “ She also exclaimed to MTV News on the Kids’ Choice Awards carpet, ” Everyone always confuses me for her. “

Are Nina Dobrev And Victoria Justice Related?

Here comes the question which you all must be thinking about. Are Nina Dobrev or Victoria Justice Related? Or do Victoria Justice And Nina Dobrev have a blood relationship?

Well, the answer to this question is NO, they do not share any personal relationship although their looks-wise similarities say so. Nina Dobrev Victoria Justice ” is a common name across the world. Especially after their twin photoshoot received the maximum web traffic, many admirers wished to see Victoria Justice And Nina Dobrev Together. 

Both Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev together have received several lovable messages from their followers, saying, “ We often confuse between you two. ” In addition, they are renowned in the title “ Nina And Victoria” to the netizens.

Where Can You Find Nina Dobrev Now?

It was reported in May 2023 that Nina Dobrev is going to be a producer for the film Sick Girl! After Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev has received many opportunities in movies namely Love Hard, Then Came You, Dog Days, Flatliners and The Out-Laws!

Along with being a successful actress, Dobrev with her friend Julianne Hough has launched her company, the Fresh Vine Wine in 2021. Nina is well known worldwide especially for her portrayal as Elena Gilbert and her dopperganger, Katherine Pierce!

But guess who is her real life dopperganger? Victoria Justice! Read about what this beautiful actress is doing!

What Is Victoria Justice Working In Now?

Victoria Justice is not just an actor who looks like Nina Dobrev but also is a singer. Her career started from Nichelodeon where she played the famous character of Lola Martinez in Zoey 101, a television series.

She is still in her starting phase of her acting career as her first movie came on Netflix namely A Perfect Pairing in Australia. She has also created a name in the industry and often, sometimes resembles Nina Dobrev.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Are Nina Dobrev And Victoria Justice Related?

If you see the pictures of Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice, you will feel like they were separated at birth. However, they are not actually related to each other by blood. Nian is basically of Bulgarian Ethnicity, while Victoria is a blend of Puerto Rican and European ancestry. So Are Nina Dobrev And Victoria Justice Related? The answer is NO!

Q2. Does Nina Dobrev Have Siblings?

Bulgaria-born The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev has an elder brother named Alexander Dobrev.   

Q3. Are Nina Dobrev And Victoria Justice Friends?

In a recent tweet, Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev took their 1st twin picture together. The image was clicked at a polo match of Justice. You can see both Nina Dobrev and Melanie Iglesias in the picture along with Victoria. 

Q4. Who’s Older Nina Dobrev Or Victoria Justice?

Nina Dobrev is older than Victoria Justice by 5 years. Nina Dobrev is now 33 years old, while Victoria is 28m years old. 

Q5. Does Victoria Justice Have A Sister?

Victoria Justice is the elder daughter of Zack Justice and Serene Justice. She has a younger half-sister named Madison Grace Reed. 

Q6. Does Nina Dobrev Have A Baby?

Nina Dobrev has no children. Also, she is not married yet. However, he is in a relationship with her Boyfriend, Shaun White. 

What Do We Think About Nina Dobrev And Victoria Justice 

It’s fun knowing that Elena Gilbert has found her real-life Doppelganger that is also in Hollywood only. Nina Dobrev And Victoria Justice Together in their image carried maximum attraction on the day it was posted. We also can’t believe how they can have so many similarities in spite of being from different ethnicities. So it’s true that scientists say,  “ every person has roughly SIX doppelgangers out there in the world. ”

Do you also find Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice look akin? Let us know what you think in the comment area below.

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