Question: Which Bidding Option Is Best Suited For An Advertiser Focused On Direct Response Marketing Goals? 

  • Cost per interaction
  • Cost per click 
  • Effective-cost per thousand impressions
  • Cost per thousand impressions 

Correct Answer: Cost per click.


There are plenty of bidding options that any advertisers can choose for their campaigns. But not all of them are going to benefit you. In this article, I will be breaking down the difference between the CPM and CPC bidding strategies that help you figure out which is the best for you.

Digital Marketing has changed a lot through the years with companies who are using online advertising as a path to promote their company or sell their products. There are many types of digital ads, the one among them is affiliate marketing- it means that someone is selling or promoting a company's product via ads on their social sites or websites.

Affiliate marketing needs direct response ads because it points at driving conversions and sales via the link. This is the main reason why CPC bidding options are considered to be the best for affiliate marketing campaigns.

In this article, I will be talking about  Which Bidding Option Is Best Suited For An Advertiser Focused On Direct Response Marketing Goals, elaborately. Keep reading.

Which Bidding Option Is Best Suited For An Advertiser Focused On Direct Response Marketing Goals?

The answer to this question is Cost-Per-Click.


One of the most mainstream goals that a business owner has is to drive sales and be good at generating leads. It means you have to run direct response campaigns that will motivate customers to go for the specific and right action such as purchasing a product or signing up for a newsletter.

The main agenda of a traffic-generation and lead-generation campaign is to increase return-on-investment through conversions as well as traffic to the site. Therefore we suggest you use the cost-per-click bidding for both of your placement targeted campaigns and contextual.


  • Advertisers can choose from three common bidding options. Google Adwords should be the first choice when you are choosing. But it is not the only option though, there are three bidding options: per click, per impression, and per action.
  • If you think that Google is the best choice among them, for advertisers to use it for a direct response for marketing goals, others may think that they prefer pay-per-click or pay-per-impression.
  • This tip for the advertisers who are looking at the options and considering their advertising goals, Google’s function is there to show advertisers how to meet their direct response goals which simply means to obtain the desired action from the people, by seeing their ads. If this is your goal as an advertiser then Google Adwords will be the choice for you and your company. 
  • However, there are other options that they can consider, which will fulfill different needs. If you want your ad to be viewed more, then per impression is the option you should go for, as it will meet your needs as an advertiser.
  • Suppose you are using an ad that shows emotion, it will definitely get more views than the targeted direct response. Another option is per click bidding, which denotes advertisers pay for clicks. It is the clicks on their ads rather than their views. This can help some of you because you might not need extra exposure and instead of that you just want to draw attention towards the product of your company.

Like I said there are plenty of options an advertiser can choose from, here we go another one. You can use Google Adwords but you should think and consider hard on your goals as an advertiser before stopping at a decision. The rest bidding options are not that much help and you might not find it helpful, but exceptions are there and some might. To the advertisers who are so focused on direct response marketing, Google Adwords will likely be the best choice among so many options, I think. Because it will really help you meet your goals as an advertiser.

On the contrary, if you are looking for a broad reach or want to be aware of your advertising dollars, then CPM bidding options will serve you right and better. 

Final Words 

There you go with an answer as well with a brief explanation of direct response marketing goals. There is not much to write about other than just elaborating the topic as much as possible.

Regardless of the strategies you think will work better for you and your business, it is really essential to do experiments with all different kinds of bids when you are about to start your game. In this way, you will have the knowledge to know which one leads to success and which one will just waste your time.

Leave a comment down in the comment section. You can also add information on this topic. You find it relevant, we will definitely add them up.

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