Author: Ayda J

I am an avid thinker, reader and writer, loves to write on different genres of topics to satisfy my own quest of finding answers against different twisted scenarios of my own mind. Tech & Real estate are my favorite strong areas of writing, I have been writing around them for a while, 2 years to be precise
Cloud Computing
What’s on the Verge in the world of Cloud Computing?

As we near the end of 2017, tech experts are coming up with new predictions surrounding cloud hosting. Debates are on what the technology caters today and where will it be tomorrow along with many unexpected trends enough to give….

BY Ayda J
property management
Real Estate
Demystify these myths before saying no to hiring managers

Being grouped among a few of the simplest investment options, the real estate sector captivates newcomers to try their luck. As it doesn’t require hiring resources and setting up an office, novices mistakenly assume that they can handle it on….

BY Ayda J