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The most awaited change in WhatsApp’s interface

author-img By Anand Rajendran 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Change is inevitable and technology platform gets to showcase new updates every now and then. The instant messenger app gas rolled out a new update in its user interface and is said to be the most awaited feature relating to the VoIP interface and chats.

Android is with a new UI

WhatsApp messenger has launched a new feature for the Android users relating to the video calls and the attachment button. Earlier, in March the beta users encountered that the messenger app was trying to release some changes in the video calling feature in the Android version (2.17.93) making it easy for the users to reach to the video call option.

In the previous version, the video call option was grouped with the voice call option, so when the user wants to make a voice call they have to select the call option that appears at the top of the screen and they get to select one out of the two options. By selecting the video call option the user is connected to the other person through the video stream. The only thing that is required by the user to make the video call is proper data connectivity. The low internet connection will not interrupt the call, but a high speed internet connection will offer clear video connectivity. With the new update, the video call option has become a separate new button along with the call option.

Even the attachment button that appears at the top of the screen is replaced with the new update, henceforth the paperclip icon that represents the attachment is placed next to the camera icon in the text box. So, any attachment the user wishes to send can be done by clicking the paperclip icon.

Updates on the run

It was only recently announced that WhatsApp improved the location sharing option and it is reported that the messenger platform has improved the app’s calling interface aesthetics that is similar to the Material Design by Google, this gives both the voice and video calls a minimalist and cleaner interface.

The material design was developed by Google in 2014 and it is a design language and it is expanded on the card motifs and is debuted in the Google Now and uses the grid based layouts, padding, transition, responsive animation and effects like shadows and lightening. This new philosophy is tried for the YouTube and the user interface of the new update is like the iPhone version of the messenger app. The iPhone version of the app already has the new Android update regarding the attachment icon and the video call option.

A week before the announcement of the video cal option and the attachment icon, a report was released stating that the messenger app is testing the pinning feature and that the feature is available on the Android version 2.17.162 and 2.17.163; however, the release date is not yet confirmed from the company’s end. The pinning feature is nothing but, the user chats everyday and there are certain members with whom they chat regularly, the new feature enables the user to pin the chats that the user wish to chat on a daily basis. However, in the beta version the users are allowed to only pin 3 pins are sources close to the messenger platform says that the option might expand when it is rolled out to the public.

Leaker website claims even more from WhatsApp’s end

WABetaInfo is a famous website to leak all the updates and new releases that take place in the messenger platform. This website recently tweeted that the beta version for the Android platform gets new enhancements and improvements. According to the site, the new feature that is going to be placed in the app is the video to GIF converter and the VoIP interface.

And the references regarding feature is found in WhatsApp iPad, Web and iPod. Also, the iPad version of the app will be even more compatible.

The converter button

The new feature that is in its testing phase is the video to GIF converter, according to the test the user must be able to convert a video into a GIF message by a single click- within the messenger platform. Even the screenshot regarding the steps to convert the video in GIF is shown by WABetaInfo.

According to the screenshot, the user can use the converter button that appears at the top right corner of the screen while they edit a video before sharing it with the others in the platform.

The undo option

There are few more changes that are going to take place in the messenger platform along with the video to GIF converter button is the undo button. While editing the video, the user can use the undo button to undo the changes they have made in the editing before they send the video to the other members.

Un-send button

The leaker website tweeted that the app is testing the unsend feature in the messenger platform and so the users might expect to see an addition feature in the app.

People who are not patient enough can join as the beta tester where they get to use all the new features and updates the messenger app has planned to release. However, the beta tester must have some knowledge about what they are doing so that they can escape from buggy experience.

The instant messenger platform is transformed in a different way with the addition of new features, modification of the existing features and the enhancements in the user interface on the whole. It is completely different from the messenger platform that once it was.

The users loved to access the WhatsApp messenger platform because of the simple interface that it offers its users and makes communication way easier than ever. All that was need was a mobile phone with internet connection. The app that was bagged with millions and millions of users around the world has reached one billion soon after major acquisition of the app by Facebook.


Every month or so the instant messenger app rolls out new features or sources close to the app reveal that the user can expect a change or an update in the platform. Of late the status update released by the messenger app was the only feature that received major dislike that caused the app to bring back the older version of status along with the new one. However, this time the app has come up some advancements and improvements in the interface that makes it even more convenient for the users to access the app.

Some of the changes in the app are related to the video call option, the attachment button, the video to GIF converter, the calling interface, unsend and undo button and pinning the chats. In the list of features, some of the features are going to be released for public use, while some the features are in their beta testing phase.

The new updates are to be rolled out for the Android version of the app and the users who wish to experience the new features can register as a beta tester and get the chance to test all the new updates.

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