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Forging Knives Is Becoming a Popular Pastime

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read June 8, 2021 Last Updated on: June 10th, 2021

forging knives

In the age of information and technology, it is odd that there has been a resurgence of the trade of blacksmithing, and particularly the art of making knives.

But many people are buying equipment to create a home forge and trying their luck at the craft. The interest is probably due to the popularity of the show Forged in Fire on the History channel. The forging knives are tapping into some other hobbies, like cosplay and military reenactments. 

The knife-making pursuit is a weird combination of nerdy fascination with medieval technology and modern equipment and steel. However, the purists like to use charcoal, hammer, and tongs. Here are some interesting facts about forging knives.

5 Top Reason Forging Knives Becoming A Popular Pastime:

5 Top Reason Forging Knives Becoming A Popular Pastime:

Now forging is not limited among the blacksmith. Science and development are turning this easy. Your forging knives, perfections, and designs are turning your hobby into a fixed source of income.

Here are the top five advantages of choosing knife forging as your steady income.

1.Swords Are Popular: 

It used to be if you wanted a sword, you would take your mule into the village, find an armorer, or smith and tell them what you needed. But surprisingly, there are not many blacksmith shops to be found among the 7-11’s and the strip malls. But no worries, the internet is your friend. 

Several companies are selling forging knives and other handheld weapons, such as ceremonial military swords in Australia. You should be able to find whatever you need or even have something made to order.

2.Knowing How To Forge A Blade Could Save Your Life: 

You may feel safe in your technology-assisted lifestyle. But human nature being what it is, the risk of an apocalyptic scenario is always there. Now that humanity is so dependent on technology. And many blacksmiths are turning their forging knives, making passion into a massive source of income. 

Anyone with the skills to make things without electricity will be very important in a crisis, and a weapons/ toolmaker would be a rock star in that scenario. If your city had all its tech destroyed by an EMP, you would soon be looking for the history nerds who learned how they did stuff in the old days.

3.Hollywood Helped Keep Weapon Forging Alive: 

3.Hollywood Helped Keep Weapon Forging Alive: 

Along with the rise of gunpowder fuelled weapons. There was a dramatic drop in the need for skilled smiths. If it weren’t for the cinematic productions and re-enactments. There would likely be very few people around anymore to create quality authentic weapons from bygone eras. 

Hollywood productions sometimes require vast amounts of period-specific armor. And they rely on suppliers around the world with specific skill sets. And to supply these weapons, forging knives and swords are the best approach.

4.Forging Is Hard Work And Difficult To Master: 

Not many people can make a useful blade on their first few attempts, even if they had all the best equipment. Experience and training are required to learn the quirks of the different alloys and the look and feel of the metal being worked. And also the tolerances of various metals and the proper use of all the tools. 

And on top of that, it is hot, loud, and you will get burned, bruised, and cut. But if you have the determination, you will one day have the satisfaction of making beautiful blades and maybe selling a few. Forging knives is never going to be an easy task. Like the sharpness of the forging knives, the knife’s weight should have maintained a perfect balance. This balance-making is tough.

5.Mix Your Imagination And Forge A Fantasy Knife:

5.Mix Your Imagination And Forge A Fantasy Knife:

Fantasy design forging knives are very trendy. Along with Hollywood, many war games are also using different types of knives and swords. This is why many game lovers seek the help of the forging master to get their desired weapon. The customers are willing to pay a good amount of money for the knife.

If you are going to choose knives forging as your pastime, after two or three years, this hobby has the good potential to become a full-time source of income. Even now, you can sell your masterpiece online. The process of forging knives also attracted many viewers.

Wrapping It Up:

These are reasons forging knives are becoming a trendy source hobby. For metal craft-loving people, this hobby is just perfect. Do you love to make something different, like a masterpiece? Then forging is the best suitable hobby for you.

Forging weapons is an unusual hobby, but it is challenging, and it can teach you a lot about different processes. Hopefully, you will never need to forge your tools to stay alive. But the hobby of knife-making is being enjoyed by more and more people every year.

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