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What To Do When You’ve Been Arrested For A DWI/DUI in Philadelphia

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read May 26, 2020 Last Updated on: June 3rd, 2020

DUI in Philadelphia

Driving under the influence (DUI) is considered to be one of the most serious offenses due to impairing all aspects of road safety.

Being arrested for DUI indicates being taken to a police station to wait for a trial. Anyhow, a bail bondsman can release you from jail by guaranteeing to cover the full bail amount if you fail to show up to trial.

The following tips will help you find the right bondsman without wasting precious time.

Look for candidates

The research for potential candidates is supposed to be quick, as the defendant has to be released from prison as soon as possible. The most efficient method of looking for candidates is using the online bondsman database of your local area, which comprises all licensed professionals. Prior to getting in touch with some of these agents to discuss the bail amount, you’re expected to inspect their credentials and trustworthiness.

Moreover, another fruitful way of searching for candidates is asking the lawyer of the defendant for recommendations. Legal representatives are familiar with the most reputable bail agents since most of the defendants tend to hire their assistance in order to cover the bail amount. Lawyers can refer a bondsman in accordance with the charges of the defendant.

Check its reputation

After narrowing down your list of potential candidates, you’re advised to check their reputation on Better Bail Bureau. This association grades bondsmen based on their honesty and reputation in the area, thus enabling you to find an honest candidate.

Furthermore, you’re also expected to inquire about their record of experience. It’s paramount to look for a professional with extensive experience in this field whose services have assisted numerous defendants to be released from jail. Visit this page for more helpful tips on bailing someone out of prison.


Confirm its license

The following step would be confirming the license of your most promising candidate so as to check for possible suspension. It’s common for these professionals to have their licenses suspended in the case of a lawsuit by a client. In such situations, the bondsman is supposed to be sincere about the reasons that lead to the suspension, not trying to shift the entire blame to the other party.

Additionally, the most common reason for bail bond agents being sued by clients is failing to return the bail amount after the client’s appearance in court. It’s paramount for the professional you hire to have a clean record, as you might end up getting tricked.

Inquire about fees

Prior to making an ultimate decision, you’re supposed to inquire about the candidates’ fees as well as the other conditions that are required from the client in order for the bondsman to post bail. Bear in mind that most of these professionals charge a premium of 10 percent of the bail amount along with certain additional expenses. Beware of professionals who ask for an annual premium, as their sole goal is making a profit.

Apart from the premium, some candidates require their clients to fulfill certain conditions like an additional guarantee for their investment. The defendants are usually required to enter a drug treatment program or maintain an employment status in the community. The following link, counseling, and addiction how therapy can help, explains the main reasons for trying counseling therapy.

The defendant is expected to understand these conditions and more importantly, follow them to avoid a breach of contract. Therefore, he/she should be fully aware of the conditions before signing a contract.

Review the contract

The bail bond contract is of great importance for the defendant, as it states all the conditions that both parties have agreed upon.

For instance, the contract is supposed to include details about the payment method, the interest rate, as well as the type of collateral that will be pledged, such as the defendant’s home.

All Bail Bonds National Philadelphia companies are expected to provide their clients with invoices and payment receipts associated with the bond. These documents are indispensable in the case of a potential future dispute.


If you get arrested for drunken driving, a bondsman is a right person to cover your bail.

Don’t make a habit of it!

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