Kerb appeal is the external appearance of your property, usually from the perspective of the main street. Judging a house based only on its appearance is not the same as judging a book by its cover. A book cover rarely shows the quality of content inside, however, your kerb appeal shows the way you maintain and invest in your property. Here are three reasons why you should consistently pay attention to it:

Your House Is An Extension Of Yourself, Make The Right Impression:

You may not have full control over the appearance of your home. You could have bought it premade or suffer financial setbacks that prevented you from creating lasting changes in the home. Notice how your circumstances affect the state of your house; it can be seen. When dealing with guests, family, friends, or business associates they can make judgements on your lifestyle based on the external and internal appearance of your house. Showing equal care says a lot about you, your values, and your work ethic. If you want to network your business in your neighborhood you need to project the right image. If you are creative, there is an added burden of expectation.

When you are on a budget, you can focus on improving small items like your windows, a new driveway paving solution, and working gutter systems. If you plan on splurging on your exterior, lighting is the way to go for safety and aesthetic reasons during the night.

Its Appearance Can Affect Your Psychological State:

It is not only going to be the people around you who will judge your home, but you will also, though indirectly. People are influenced by their environment when they are in a place that projects success, efficiency, and tidiness; it can feel like you have your act together. However, even if you are doing well, but that order is not present in your home it can negatively affect your mental and emotional well-being. Clutter and damages prevent you from living the way you want to live.

Besides, issues with appearance are not just about the shallow damages, sometimes there are real problems behind them. Chipped window frames could give way during a severe storm. A crooked post could mean rotting wood. Peeling paint could mean long term water damage. Give yourself security in knowing that your home has no underlying issues.

It Can Increase The Initial Value Of Your Home:

Besides the benefits during your stay, kerb appeal can serve you well when you decide to move to another home. Besides the kitchen and the bathroom, your kerb appeal is another major factor in sealing the deal. When people move to a new home, whether they are purchasing or renting it, there is a degree of ownership. People look at properties with potential, but not those requiring a lot of work to make it feel like home. If you do not maintain the kerb appeal, it means they need to do more—how can you sell your house at the price you want if there are areas that serve as a liability?

It is more than just slapping on a fresh coat of paint or doing small DIY projects. It’s first about maintaining order; no rubbish or weeds on the lawn. It is about addressing small issues like windows and doors. Only after those first two, can you start to think about colours and landscaping. Put in the effort to make your housework for you.

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