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3 Things To Do If You’ve Just Been Released From Custody On Bail

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Custody Bail

In today’s world, it seems like anyone can get arrested or be taken into custody for reasons either planned or unplanned. When this happens, you may feel scared or nervous about the whole legal process and how you’ll be able to get back to your normal life after this type of incident. To quickly get you out of jail, many people take advantage of paying their bail so they can get leave jail and wait on the outside for the next step in the justice process. However, you may still be unsure about what next steps you should be taking. If you ever find yourself in this predicament, here are three things you should do if you’ve just been released from custody on bail.

In order to prepare the list of the three things, we took help from our friends at the criminal defense law firm in VA. If you are someone that is out on bail or know somebody that is, it would be best that you pass on and share this article with them.

If You Used A Bail Bond, Understand What That Means:

The way that you got out of custody will have a big impact on the next steps that you take after getting out of jail. Depending on the reason you were booked, there may be quite a few options you can take advantage of to get released. One of these includes using a bail bond. But if you choose to go this route, it’s important to know exactly what this means. According to FindLaw.com, you’re going to have to pay 10 percent of your bail to your bondsman. You may also have to give something to him or her as collateral to ensure that you show up for your court date. And if you don’t show up, the bondsman can cash in on that collateral and take whatever it was that you used as collateral, so make sure you get to the court on your appointed date so as to not make your problems even more complicated.

Make Plans To Get Back To Court When Necessary:

As was mentioned above, it’s crucial that you get back to the courthouse at the right date and time after you’ve been released on bail. While being out on bail will allow you to keep working and continue leading your life almost as normal, you may have to make some adjustments so that you can ensure you’ll be available on your court date. According to Nolo.com, having these types of responsibilities may make it easier for you to get out of jail on bail, but you want to make sure that these obligations won’t get in the way of you handling the rest of your legal issues after you get out of jail.

Prepare For Your Next Hearing:

After you’ve been arrested, you might be thinking non-stop about the next legal steps you should take. To help with this, you should seriously consider hiring a reputable criminal defense lawyer to help you prepare for your next hearing. If you don’t already have someone in mind, use this time to research those in your area and pick one that you think would be most beneficial to you and your case.

If you’ve just been released on bail, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you make the next steps in this process.

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