Well-Dressed Kids: 2019 Spring Fashion Trends for Kids

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read March 1, 2019

well-dressed kids

Spring fashion week for kids. We’re seeing a schoolhouse theme and runways only at lunchtime.

On one hand, that’d be cute, but on the other – let’s not involve sweet kiddos in the mean world of fashion modeling quite yet.

Since kiddo fashion week doesn’t exist, we’ve put together our well-dressed kid’s trends for you below.

All Rainbow Everything:

Maybe it’s because St. Patrick’s day is in spring, or just because it’s a magical time to be alive. Either way, rainbow stripes, appliques, and colors are all in right now.

If you want to help your little one rock this trend, look for lightweight sweaters in rainbow-colored stripes.

Another way to rock this trend – DIY applique patches. Get a plain jean jacket or pair of jeans and head to the craft store.

Pick out a few of the same rainbow ones and other assorted designs. Let your child pick where they go on the jeans and let the adult do the ironing.

Now your kid feels both on trend and capable of making their own style.


If you paid any attention to fashion weeks this year, you know we saw plaid – everywhere. But not the boring tweed or black plaid that your grandpa used to wear.

We’re talking green plaid with yellow and grey striping – or pink. We want all the colors represented in this trend.

Don’t know how to style them? Treat plaid like flannel (though it’s more weather friendly). Tie a plaid shirt around your child’s waist or tie it up with a cute skirt.

There’s really not much you can do to mess up the plaid trend – except maybe mixing plaids. That’s a no-go in our book.

Mia and Emma’s Target Collection:

If you follow them on Facebook, you know that these sisters are not only hilarious but stylish! They just came out with a collection at Target, which is a pretty big deal when you’re four.

It features short sets, princess-feeling dresses in mostly airy and bright patterns. You can find it by searching Mia and Emma on

Want more of a surprise when you order kids clothes? Try a subscription box.


IF you don’t know what Gingham is, it’s a very tight checkerboard fabric. It’s usually in a refreshing bright white and blueprint.

It has southern charm and transitions easily from summer to spring. If your kid will wear (and actually keep on) a hat, this is a perfect way to style those floppy straw numbers.

Pair it with a cute little spring sandal. It’s even church friendly for easter, depending on the piece. And pics with the Easter bunny? Here we come!

Mini Jumpsuits:

Have a kid that’s a little bit older, or at least, taller? The jumpsuit trend for women is kid-friendly, too. Just be sure to buy long and hem – you can make anything shorter, but you can’t make things longer.

Well-Dressed Kids:

We know you always want your kid to look stylish, but they’re kids – it’s not always possible. We promise that even the kids of fashion bloggers have days that they go to school wearing swimsuit shorts instead of pants.

Be patient if you want well-dressed kids and let them pick out their wardrobe. They’ll be a lot more willing to pose for pics if they like what they’re wearing!

Feeling nostalgic for your own childhood fashion? Check out these makeup throwbacks.

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