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7 Amazing Video Editing Tools For Small Businesses

author-img By Arnab Dey 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Video Editing Tools

Videos are now extensively used for promoting business. Today, many businesses invest in quality video production to create awareness regarding their product.

This is considered the most powerful way to deliver information instantly and easily. Today’s audience prefers to watch videos rather than go through the long text. According to researchers, 90% of the information humans receive in daily life is in audio-video format.

Due to the significant impact on the audience, many marketers today rely on video content marketing. According to a study, 82% of small businesses feel that video marketing is integral to their strategy.

The popularity of video marketing inspired developers to develop easy video editing software to make the video editing task easier. Many people today use smartphones and digital cameras to record videos.

These latest gadgets have completely simplified recording videos, and therefore, video production is not a hassle like in yesteryears. With the help of various video editing software, adding sound, trimming clips, and including visual effects has become easy.

The easy availability of the video editing software inspires the video producers to create catchy promotional videos for the business.

Here Is A List Of 7 Amazing Video Editing Tools Feasible For Small Businesses:

1. Blender

Blender is an outstanding video editing software for businesses who want to make 3D animated videos. This software is perfect for making animated films, art, visual effects, and motion graphics.

If you want to use minimum video processing techniques like splitting and cutting, this software is best. It comes with several features, including real-time preview, audio mixing, and wave visualization. Blender supports 32 slots for adding pictures, video, effects, and audio.

If one wants to control the speed, Blender offers this option to the users. Additionally, it comes with various transitions, keyframes, and filters. Due to these outstanding features, many people today use this software for making videos.

2. Movie Maker 10

Movie Maker 10

If you want to have basic video editing features from a single video editing software, go for Movie Maker 10. This is a great video editing software studded with several amazing features and tools. Movie Maker 10 offers editing, text-based titles, and inserting background music.

After all, the advanced version of this tool is loaded with the latest features and tools. These include full HD output of the video, variable motion, and limitless photo templates.

Since most of these features can be found in the online video editor you can start from the free version, and later upgrade to the Pro version once you get acquainted with the features.

This software is loaded with amazing basic and advanced features like trimming video, joining video footage, transition effects along with different types of image filters. Users can also use the animation tab to add music, credits, and title to the video.

3. DaVinci Resolve 16

People who want to combine the 8K editing, visual effects, color correction, and audio overlay can rely on DaVinci Resolve 16. Though this is a free version, you can get the paid version for better clarity and quality editing.

This software also supports multi-user collaboration and allows various video editing professionals like editors, assistants, technicians, colorists, and sound designers to work together simultaneously on one project. In this way, it takes less time to complete a video production task.

DaVinci Resolve 16 is packed with several smart editing features, including intelligent auto-editing that mainly syncs audio and visual clips and a facial recognition technology that automatically detects the face in the video clips.

If you want to experience faster and smarter encoding, rely on DaVinci Resolve 16. It also allows the creation of diverse frame rates, quality, supervising, and output settings in one project.

4. Kizoa

Kizoa is a video editing tool you can use to edit and create videos with the help of templates provided in the tool. Beginners can edit their videos through this tool. Many filmmakers and YouTubers also use this tool for editing videos. It is loaded with unlimited video timelines that offer professional-quality video editing.

With the help of this online video editor you can edit different file formats which include AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, and more. Due to this reason, this tool is being used extensively by both beginners and experienced editors.

5. VideoPad


Your search for the free video editing tool for sound mixing ends at VideoPad! There is no need to practice to get expertise in this software for a long time.

VideoPad offers multiple displays for making the editing task faster using the limitless overlay audio tracks. Since many video editors find the features are basic, they are still much superior compared to the other video editing tools being used by professional editors.

VideoPad offers excellent features like 3-D video edits, tailored transitions, and exporting the movies in different types of resolutions. In this way, videos produced by the VideoPad can be used on multiple platforms.

6. LightWorks

Commercial video editors who want to produce high-quality videos for TV, commercials, and movies, use Lightworks. This is a professional video editing application that streamlines the video editing tasks.

It has a dedicated suite of original stock videos and various music clips that are completely licensed to use in videos. So, editors don’t have to work separately to produce music for their videos. However, if they want to use their creative music, they can be added to the tool.

LightWorks comes with several outstanding user-friendly features. Since it has a simple and intuitive user interface, everyone can use this software. It is quite easy to edit the timeline, and trimming the clips is easy.

The wide file format supports variable frame rates. A high-quality, simple trim function is used for faster and more precise video editing. This way, this software helps to edit the video without any additional hassle.

7. Animaker

If you want to make animated videos, then use Animaker. The functions are easy and create amazing animation videos within a short time.

Beginners can use it free in the initial phase, then upgrade to the paid version. You can cost-effectively make animated videos with the help of Animaker.

Due to this feature, many businesses find it easy to make various products or explainer videos regarding their product and service.

Animaker works with a simple drag-and-drop feature, and one can create videos up to 6 unique video styles from a single application. There are also pre-designed templates that help all industries.


Video editing is a crucial part of video production. Without a proper video editing tool, no one can edit the videos properly, and once the video is not edited thoroughly, that can’t impress the viewers. These video editing tools help to produce excellent videos.

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