An intranet is a private network that allows a company to promote collaboration and improve productivity in the workplace. Unlike a few years ago, a modern-day intranet serves a broad range of purposes to help employees perform their duties and complete organizational objectives as one unit. In addition, to develop a network for communication, an employee intranet can mean different things to different companies. This means choosing the right intranet software, loaded with useful features, is a confusing and challenging task.

Is it just a private network that employees can use to communicate with each other? Will it allow employees to share knowledge? Will the management be involved to give feedback? Several questions may make it challenging for organizations to choose the best employee intranet software to meet their needs.

Although different organizations have different expectations from the software, there are some common features that all intranet solutions must-have.

Intranet Features That all Organizations Require

Engaging Experience on All Devices

Gone are the days when intranet software included only Teletext-style pages of links. With time, it has evolved to become a digital workplace solution that makes employees communicate, share knowledge, and perform their roles.

Equipped with a responsive design, today’s intranet software enables remote employees to access the platform on smartphones or other devices with an Internet connection. Using the mobile employee intranet, authorized users log-in from anywhere and perform their duties. Also, they can communicate with other employees over the network and work with them on one file.

Document Management

Digital documents - such as text docs, spreadsheets, and others - are an integral part of an organization. All of them need to be shared among employees, irrespective of their location. Employees can use these documents to complete their tasks easily.

The best intranet solution works as an effective document management system that makes it easier for employees to find information. Aside from that, authorized individuals can use the system to keep their documents secure and access them from anywhere.

Sharing and Collaboration

Great employees can have new ideas to transform your business and help it reach new heights. To enable them to share their opinions, a good intranet must include the feature of collaborating employees and allow them to share knowledge with each other.

An employee intranet software solution is a collaboration tool where communication flows in multiple directions - peer to peer, top to bottom, bottom to top, and others. In addition to this, it comes with a blogging feature to let employees share their views or comment on posts shared by others.

Social Networking

Social Networking

Organizations worldwide have started to realize the importance of social networking within corporate walls. It can be a fun way to create awareness and develop new strategies around marketing. The best intranet solution incorporates features similar to social networking sites to make the platform engaging for users.


In addition to creating and sharing documents, authorized members can save their various kinds of files over the intranet platform. Others can search for these documents, access them, and make changes if required. The best intranet tool has various kinds of search tools to find files and work on them quickly.

The search function saves time and provides employees with the information they require for a project. They don’t need to visit their colleagues for documents.


An employee intranet, equipped with useful features, can make it a lot easier for organizations to connect employees with each other and let them share knowledge. Also, they can have quick access to important information. Overall, it’s a tool that improves collaboration among employees and makes them more productive in the workplace.

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