Unknown Facts about the Black Forest Cake

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black forest cake

To make happy events and occasions merrier, a cake is considered the best! Of the many drool-worthy flavors, black forest cake is highly devoured by millions because of the rich layering, luscious cherry toppings, and exotic chocolate shavings. The decadence of it is evident by the look of it. With every bite, you get to taste the chocolatey goodness. Whether it’s the birthday of your mother, you want to confess your feelings to your loved ones, or you wish to relish the taste, black forest suits every occasion. From heart-shaped to a regular round shape, black forest cakes are available in different shapes and sizes with good in taste.

So, if you wish to be called a certified black forest cake lover, we are edifying you with the unknown facts about the black forest cake. Take a look!

1. Germany is the land of innovations, and the Black Forest is one of its scrumptious innovations. It bears its name after the Black Forest mountain range in Germany. This place is well-known for its abundant cherry trees, and this was the inspiration of the makers of the cake.

2. Joseph Keller is known as the inventor of Black Forest cake. In the year 1915, he baked the first black forest cake and called it “Black Forest Cherry”.

3. The cake made its official appearance in the cooking literature in the 1930s and became richly popular post the end of the Second World War.

4. In 1949, The cake was rated the 13th best cake in Germany.

5. The Black Forest Cake as it is famously called has several other names like ‘Black Forest Gateau,’ ‘Black Forest Cherry Torte.’ And, the German name for the cake is ‘Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte’.

6. In the areas of Austria, Switzerland, and Italy it is served as a traditional dessert.

7. On July 16, 2006, the K&D bakery set the world record in Germany’s Europa park by baking a humongous black forest cake with a height of approximately 80 square meters and weight 3000 kg.

8. Traditionally, distilled liquor from the tart cherries was added to the cake to enhance its flavors. Although other varieties of liquor were also used. But, with changing times, the cake has undergone many modifications. Therefore, when you order black forest cake online, you get the non-alcohol variant.

9. A traditional black forest cake is composed in a delectable fashion by several decadent layers of cream, cherries, chocolate shavings, and pure chocolate.

10. November 26 is observed as National Cake Day in the United States of America. And, March 28 is celebrated as the National Day of Black Forest Cake in the USA.


A black forest cake is one of the hottest selling cakes in the confectionery industry. Almost all brands, bakers and cake shops have their own version of this German classic. The black forest cake is one of the most easily identifiable cake designs in the world. No matter what the occasion- birthdays, anniversaries or graduation, a black forest cake is the best dessert on offer.

Therefore, without wasting a moment, rush to your nearest bakery or browse an online bakery to relish the black forest cake.

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