What Makes Crepe Better Than A Pancake

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Picture the nostalgic moments of being seated in a beautiful patio of a French restaurant, savoring the crepe delicacies aptly sprinkled with sugar and a dash a Nutella while listening to the sweet Gershwin melodies- Don’t they suddenly rake up an endless stream of beautiful memories?

Some people might think of crepes as merely a thin and stuffed version of pancakes but this scrumptious dish is far more than that. You can have your ultra-thin crepes filled with a variety of healthy topping options available. Then, there are different batter constituents to choose from- Either go with whole wheat or buckwheat in case you have gluten issues.

Do not miss out to visit Southbank Center Food Market and Primrose Hill Market to savor one of the best crepes in London that are vegan, gluten as well as lactose-free. You may also choose from various non-veg variants available.

So, how are the crepes different from the pancakes and why former is termed as a much healthier alternative? Keep reading to find out more.

  1. Endless possibilities: You can have your crepe as sweet as well as salty.
  2. Sweet crepes: Folded in various shapes and stuffed with a variety of fillings that range from options like fruits, Nutella, whipped cream, sugar, etc.
  3. Salty crepes: Under savory options, you can have processed ham, bacon, vegetables and cheese mixed with choicest of sauces.
  4. While you have different crepes to cover you up for all three meals of the day, pancakes do not offer you this flexibility.

Crepes can be rolled or folded in shapes of half moon or an envelope but clearly, you can’t do the same with your pancakes.

Can you think of a possibility to stuff a pancake with choicest of roasted mushroom with corns and then melting cheese over it? No! But with crepes, there are options galore!

5. Savor crepes in every meal: Crepes are definitely amongst the healthy food options that you can eat during any time of the day. Thinking of breakfast? There is a line of food joints that serve the best crepes in London. You can expect your morning crepe to be a vegan, gluten-free and thin cover filled with seasonal fruits dipped in whipped cream.

While, for the lunch or probably dinner, you may go for buckwheat crepe filled with sautéed mushroom, organic spinach, tahini, and walnuts. For the non-vegetarian options, you can try out Scottish smoked salmon mixed with organic spinach, chives, crème Fraiche with a dash of lemon sauce.

Pancakes have not been able to move beyond the breakfast parameter so your options are pretty much limited there.

6. Healthier Alternative: Crepes are way healthier than pancakes. Firstly, they are much thinner so you can have more. Crepes are also pretty much balanced in their nutritional content as compared to pancakes. For example, a 10-inch crepe contains roughly about 100 units of calories in it. On the contrary, a pancake which is only half the size i.e. 5 inches, contains 100 units as well.

Apart from this, sodium, sugar and fat level are also moderately low which make the crepes a healthier food choice which can be savored on a daily basis.

You might have heard of very few pancake restaurants (or probably none) however, there are a lot of eateries which are specifically catering to different crepe delicacies worldwide.

You can find some of the best crepes in London being served by the restaurants dedicated to the crepe dishes only. Southbank Center Food Market, Primrose Hill Market and Victoria Park Market are few of the designated places where you can find a variety of lip-smacking crepe dishes with different stuffings. Do pay a visit to experience this amazing delicacy and satiate your taste buds.

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