The Voice newest season 24 is set to release while its teaser has been released to give a sneak peak at the new season. Fans of the show are upset at the latest teaser as a key player is missing from the show i.e. Blake Shelton the veteran mentor of the show.

In the teaser posted on the Instagram page of NBC competition series, fans get a look at the coaches of this season. The coaches of Season 24 will be Gwen Stefani, John Legend, Niall Horan and Reba McEntire as seen from the new promo. The four coaches stand together along with two tour buses of the promo teaser poster.

The mentor line-up clearly shows Blake Shelton, husband of Gwen Stefani missing from the show who has been part of the show in earlier seasons. The official caption of the teaser reads, "Reba, Niall, Gwen, and John are taking the reins 9/25 on @nbc and streaming on @peacock. 🐴."

The teaser was posted on 8th September and immediately the fans of the show started expressing their opinions about the missing veteran coach Shelton. Fans of Shelton want to see the coach back on the show while being thrilled about this mentor line-up. Fans took to the comments section to voice their sadness and disappointment of the absence of the veteran mentor.

An Instagram user wrote,"It ain't the same without Team Blake 😢." While another fan says,  "Not the same without Blake 😢." A different viewer writes, "Can’t wait for the season to begin!! Will miss Blake but [you] guys rock."

Blake was one of the original four coaches of the Voice back in 2011. Hence fans of the show have gotten attached to seeing him on the show leading to their sadness on his absence on the show.

In October 2022 Shelton announced that he would not be joining season 24 of The Voice after appearing on the show many times and winning it several times.

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