If you are an avid hiker seeking a satisfying and difficult climb, Mount Pico Basile is the peak to tackle. Situated in Newfoundland's Gros Morne National Park, this 8,365-foot colossus is one of the most impressive summits in the area. Make sure not to miss out on conquering Mount Pico Basile!

Undertake an exhilarating journey and bask in the incredible view and the gratification from your feat. Get essential advice on preparation and safety, along with expert guidance from experienced mountaineers who have scaled this grand mountain. With our guide, scaling that mountain will be a secure yet enthralling process with plenty of moments to savor along the way!

About Mount Pico Basile

About Mount Pico Basile

For those yearning to reach new heights, Mount Pico Basile is a must-see destination in Venezuela. This awe-inspiring peak stands proud at 3,011 meters (9,879 ft) and is widely acclaimed as one of the highest points in South America.

To tackle this challenging climb safely, the La Escalera Pathway from Santa Elena de Uairén should be taken with an experienced guide to navigate the well-marked trail and provide useful local advice along the way. This spectacular mountain is regarded as one of the most beautiful features of the Venezuelan landscape and a rewarding conquest for any adventure seeker.

 Location Of Mt Pico Basile 

Climbing to the peak of Mount Pico Basile, located in Venezuela's Gran Sabana, can be both exhausting and rewarding. To get there, you must arrange for flights or bus transportation to Santa Elena de Uairén followed by a trip on foot or by car up La Escalera Pathway. It is highly suggested that you hire an experienced guide so they can provide guidance and helpful knowledge related to the terrain.

The route to the summit of South America's highest peak takes around seven to eight hours up a steep trail with magnificent views of the Venezuelan rainforest down below. To make sure your journey is safe and enjoyable, it's important that you are properly prepared; bring enough water and warm clothing for any potential drop in temperature at night during summer months.

Mountain Climber Essential Tips 

Embarking on a mountain expedition and climbing the top mountain ranges on the earth has its own sense of attainment. Therefore, to seek a rewarding experience, you must have the protection and the preventive measures backing up your experience. Here, we discuss some of the safety tips for mountain climbing. Let's get started with the discussion here in this section.

The Right Protective Gears

Navigating the most difficult terrains, and that too in the most inclement weather, has its challenges. Therefore, you need to be technically equipped. If you are hiking the tallest mountains, you need two walking poles that can keep your balance. Moreover, the pole can bear some pressure on your knees, ankle, and even the hops. 

You must have waterproof outerwear, which is made up of the lightest of materials. Also, remember to take sunscreen. The rays of the sun are more direct on the skin.  Carry all the extra gear and the necessary food (mainly dry food) to help you up.

Try To Prevent Altitude-related illness 

The high altitude can have serious health concerns. Therefore, you must have the physical fitness and mental stability to survive the most difficult terrains. While embarking on a journey, you may face several physical complexities like fatigue, drowsiness, insomnia, fatigue, nausea and others. 

Apart from these, you also need to be aware of some high altitude-related issues like altitude throat, altitude bronchitis, peripheral edema, high altitude cerebral edema, and pulmonary edema.


Medicines are among the top haves for this kind of expedition. You must keep Acetazolamide, which can help you prevent altitude-related illness. At the same time, Acetazolamide assists your kidneys and stimulates breathing. 

Sleeping at such a high altitude might be difficult, and you may find it a problem. That time, you can use the drug, which can help you breathe better. For those, Acetazolamide is quite strong, and corticosteroid dexamethasone (Decadron) can be an alternative to it. 


Apart from the medication, you must also take a few supplements that can help you tolerate the most inclement geographical conditions. One of the most important supplements you might have while climbing the mountains is the iron supplement. 

They can boost the deficiency of iron in the body. Also, consider some other drugs or supplements if you are looking for the most important medications. Discuss with experienced climbers before procuring the most important medicines.

Here Are Some Essential Pointers To Keep In Mind When Organizing And Prior To Setting Out On Your Expedition:

Always make sure to find detailed information about the expedition or request your climbing company for a demonstration. One of the reputed mountain climbing companies, SummitClimb, gives you all the information that is needed before the climb.

SummitClimb offers Everest, Aconcagua, K2, Lobuche, Island Peak, Ama Dablam, Elbrus, and Manaslu company expeditions too. Although the climbing company doesn’t offer Mount Pico Basile expeditions, it offers many other trips. Do you know Everest is the tallest mountain in the world? Every mountaineer has a dream to climb Mount Everest.


Before embarking on your ascent of Mt. Pico Basile, make sure that you thoroughly examine the route and abide by any relevant local regulations. Having a clear idea of what to anticipate — like fluctuations in the weather or variations in elevations — can help you plan your trek more efficiently and ensure safe travels.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you get a professional guide to go with you, providing not only critical assistance but also insight into the local culture, surroundings, and wildlife. As for luggage preparation, be sure to bring items such as sturdy shoes or boots, clothing layers suited for various weather conditions (remember that temperature levels could drop!), hats or visors, sunscreen, enough food and water supplies, flashlights, first-aid kits, etc.

By abiding by these rules, you will be all set to tackle any adventure with complete assurance! Therefore, stay safe on your mountain climbing as it gives you the boost to fight inclement weather conditions.

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