Spotify is one of the widely used music apps in the world. Everyone from all across the world can use Spotify Premium for free. But you might not be really aware that the Spotify Premium comes for free. Many often ask questions in Whatsapp about how to get Spotify Premium Free in iOS or in the Aneroids.

Spotify is specifically a mobile-friendly application which helps in streaming music for free. But there are also premium packages which will give you music all for free. But the advertisements in the Spotify say that these are not for free.

It is actually easy and possible to get the Spotify Premium for free in 2020.  If you want to know how to get the Spotify Premium for free then read this carefully. We have given you a simple process in a step-wise manner, using which you will be able to listen to the songs for free. 

How to Get Spotify Premium Free for Lifelong

How to Get Spotify Premium

It takes some easy quick steps to get the Spotify premium easily and for free. We will explain here about how to get Spotify Premium free in Aneroid phones. Here we will let you know about the Spotify Premium which you can get for free. This facility is already available in the Spotify app which many people are not aware of. 

This option will help you to bypass all the restrictions which come by while you listen to Spotify music and it will help you to enjoy the premium music for lifelong. The process in which one can get Spotify Premium for free to avail all the features for free in your android phones will just take 1-2 extra steps to do. 

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free- Follow the Easy Steps

Now there lie some easy quick steps which you can take to make your premium active in your android for free. 

The first and the basic step is to uninstall the old Spotify application in your android phone

How to Get Spotify Premium

This step applies to the ones who already have the Spotify app in their aneroids already. It is a clear instruction that you will have to remove your old Spotify application in order to download the new one.  

  • Go to the Settings option in your android phone 
  • Select the Apps option
  • Look for Spotify app in the list of app
  • Tap on the uninstall button. 


  • Directly select the app and drag it to the dustbin option.

Download the modified Spotify application this could also mean that the application is hacked one

How to Get Spotify Premium

It is known that you can not definitely download the premium from google play store then you will have to download from google the latest Spotify Premium apk. This application can be downloaded for free. 

You might not know that the Premium version of Spotify offers you almost all the premium features for free. But this application provides you with higher quality music, which enhances your music listening experience. The great thing about this is that there is no break or advertisement to break your music mind. 

This application also allows you to select any song of any album and play it. If you want, you can also download the music for the offline playlist. You will also be able to skip to the next track of your choice without any advertisement breaks. 

Since the Spotify that you are using could be a hacked one so some of the features might not work in the new application that you downloaded. 

Install the premium Spotify application

On Android, there is a safety feature that prevents the installation of third-party apps downloaded from unknown sources. So before you download the hacked app you will have to make the settings of your app alright so that it allows you to download the hacked application. 

There are some other simple steps:

  • Go to Settings, under the Security options in the settings of the android phone. 
  • You will find an option which says Unknown Devices, tap on that option 
  • Tap on the option which will allow you to turn on the button and turn it green. 
  • After seeing the warning message Tap on the OK button. 

Set up the features of your Spotify Premium

As soon as your Spotify app is downloaded to try to optimize and customize it as you want. This Spotify premium comes for free in the premium, and this is an unofficial app that does not look good. 

Enjoy the Spotify Premium 

Now that your Spotify app s ready you can now enjoy your music happily. 


If you are a real music fan then this is how you must enjoy your favorite songs happily. You will have to download the Spotify and use the premium version. I can guarantee you, you will love the entire concept and aura of the application. 

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