Going out for a hike is one of the delightful ways to explore nature with your family, friends, or by yourself. But, even on a day hike, packing the essentials is a good habit.

Some essentials you should pack include food & water, a headlamp, sunscreen, sunglasses, and spare clothes. If you plan to take some photos and bring your equipment, ensure it’s adequately packed in a waterproof pouch.

However, hiking with tech can be tricky. If you’re unsure about what to bring on your next trip, use ExpressVPN’s checklist with emergency tech items to ensure you have every essential piece of tech with you and avoid overpacking.

But even with some of these necessities, you must choose the best hiking trails for a great experience. With everything from alien-like topography to breathtaking scenery and rugged coastlines, selecting the safest and best hiking trails in Europe might be a great challenge.

Fortunately for every nature lover, Europe is one of the perfect hiking destinations. Apart from stunning landscapes, you can hike most hiking trails in different seasons for a great experience. Some of these hiking trails include:

1. Canary Islands in Spain

La Gomera, Gran Canary Islands in Spain, and Tenerife are all set for hiking, and each has a flair. Tenerife boasts the world’s third-highest volcano, coastal paths, ravines, and pine forests, with a few hikers on the trail.

Gran Canaria also has a rocky shoreline and dramatic valleys without a massive volcano. So it has a better view. The unique scenery is in La Gomera, where you can trek in Central or South America.

2. Walker’s Haute Route in France and Switzerland

With its unique landscapes, the Walkers Haute Route from Zermatt to Chamonix astounds everyone embarking on this two or three-week journey.

Peppering Switzerland and France, the snow peaks, European villages lifted from fairy tales, and green valleys offer an eye to rest on this challenging and demanding hike.

3. The Eiger Trail in Switzerland

If you want a short hike in Europe, this can be one of your favorite hiking trails. Well, this point-to-point hike follows the north face of Eiger Mountain. And along the way, you will get stunning views across the Lauterbrunnen Valley to Grindelwald and Murren.

These jaw-dropping views are unbeatable, and it is usually a downhill trek. So you don’t need to be fit to hike on this trail. If you plan to hike with your kids, this can also be a perfect one to include on your list.

4. Rennsteig Trail in Germany

Most Germans love hiking, and it looks like the Thuringia state is all about taking hikes, thanks to stunning views, many tracks, and mountain ranges.

 This city in Germany is home to one and only the Thuringia forest that divides the country and its climate.

Regardless of the time of the year, the area features many hiking trails, including Rennsteig. The trail is more popular with Germans but is also common among many tourists globally.

It is alsoone of the most hiked long-distance trails in all of Germany, with around 109,000 people walking it yearly. In total, the trail is 170 kilometers long. Plus, it is marked historically as the local state border.

5. The Hornstrandir Trail in Iceland

Iceland deserves its good reputation as the best place in the world for wildlife, wilderness, and otherworldly mountain landscapes. It is as well a great hiking destination.

Although the Laugavegur Trail is a classic trek for most hikers, the opportunities for a multi-day walk in the country are nearly limitless, and Hornstrandir Peninsula provides more esoteric charms.

There are no formal long-distance hiking trails in Hornstrandir, but hikers come here often, and now there are a few loosely established trails.

The Takeaway!

Trekking or hiking in Europe is one of the best ways to tour and enjoy the nature of the world. It is guaranteed that these top five hiking trails in Europe will not just inspire you. They will also offer inspiration for your soul, body, and mind.

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