There are plenty of reasons why travelers from various parts of the world flock to the paradise called Negril, a small town on the Western coast of Jamaica. Here we give you 10 wonderful reasons to consider visiting this beautiful Caribbean town at least once in your life.

1. Dream-like turquoise waters :

You might have seen it only in pictures, but the beauty of Jamaican beaches is incomparable when seen in person. The breathtaking turquoise water of Negril beach is a natural wonder in itself. This turquoise changes to a beautiful shade of blue where the Negril waters meet the Caribbean Sea.

The beaches of Negril are a sight for sore eyes and you can watch the ocean for hours together.

2. The world’s top family-friendly resorts :

family-friendly resorts

Negril is home to some of the world’s highest-rated resorts and hotels, with amenities that surpass the best five-star hotels in cities. There are water parks for children and events and activities for all age groups. You can have a destination wedding or a family reunion. The larger resorts have their own private beaches and have a Vacation Created For Everyone. There are also several hotels and inns for budget travelers.

To get maximum value for your buck, look for all-inclusive deals and special offers when searching for luxury accommodation in Negril.

3. Friendly and cheerful locals :

Jamaicans are laid-back, happy, and very hospitable, and you’ll find many smiling faces walking across town. Negril, in particular, is one of Jamaica’s top travel destinations. So the locals are accustomed to having tourists from all over the world roaming their streets and occupying their bars and restaurants. Tourism is a key source of revenue for this beautiful beach town, and the locals seem to appreciate that.

4. Food to die for :

Food to die for

If you’re a foodie who loves to explore the local cuisine of a place, you’ll be very happy in Jamaica. Jamaicans love their food and the streets are inundated with food carts selling everything from dumplings to porridge to grilled delicacies in chicken, fish, beef, and goat. The famous Johnnycake (bread, sweetened and deep-fried) is a must-try, and so is the local coffee.

5. Beach parties :

Negril’s beach parties are to die for. You can arrive early to watch a beautiful sunset and then join the party, which never really ends. There are several great restaurants and pubs right on the coastline where you can stay late into the night listening to great reggae music, feeling the waves in your feet, and enjoying your favorite drink.

Theme parties and special events are organized regularly to keep travelers interested.

6. The Seven Miles Beach :

Yes, this beautiful turquoise-water, a white sand beach is really seven miles long and a major travel attraction. You can safely walk the entire length of the beach and take local transport when returning if tired.

7. Grilled chicken :

Grilled chicken

This one is hard to miss. At every corner in town, you’ll find a vendor selling freshly made grilled chicken or jerk chicken. The best part, you don’t have to visit the city for this local delicacy. You’ll find nearly every beach restaurant serving this popular dish.

However, for an authentic local experience, give the restaurants a skip and head out to the streets, strike a conversation with a jerk cook and learn about their unique cooking technique and ingredients that make their jerk chicken different from others.

8. Music that moves :

Jamaicans love their music and everywhere you go you’ll find reggae filling the air. If you love music as much as the locals do, you’d love to attend the reggae concerts held frequently across town and on the beach.

9. A splendid wedding destination :

Couples from the world over come to Negril for destination weddings crafted to perfection. The high-end resorts offer various different packages to choose from, which can be customized to your preferences. Getting married in Jamaica is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

10. An authentic Jamaican experience :

Life in Negril is rooted in Jamaican culture. You will find the locals speaking to each other in Patois, a mix of four different languages. When inside your resort, you will get a great vacation experience supported by local staff and attendants; when outside you can enjoy the flavorful local foods, celebrations, and customs, and the lively markets thriving with Jamaican vendors selling all sorts of souvenirs.

The great thing about vacationing in Negril is that you’re never cut off from Caribbean culture. There will be plenty of cultural events organized by the leading resorts and restaurants to spend your evenings.

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