Want to know about the beautiful mountains in South Carolina? Planning activities based on the mountains when you visit South Carolina? Read the article to learn more about the mountains of South Carolina.

South Carolina is a diverse landscape with geographical features, from beaches to mountains! The majestic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains of which the tail end of the range is completely situated in South Carolina.

In the United States, South Carolina is situated in the "deep south," spreading across 32,020 square miles, with three specific geographical features: the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Piedmont, and the Atlantic coastal plain.

You Need To Check Out These Beautiful Mountains In South Carolina!

Check Out These Beautiful Mountains In South Carolina

A section of the country's landscape is covered by Blue Ridge Mountains, which starts at the South and North Carolina border. Perfect for adventure activities and outdoor events during your weekends, go visit South Carolina mountains!

There are about 3000-foot peaks that consist of mountains such as Pruett Mountain, Hogback Mountain, Corbin Mountain, Mackerel Mountain, Grassy Top Mountain, and Big Top Mountain. Hikers! These mountains are perfect for those trails you have been planning.

There are forests in some of the mountains, so outdoor enthusiasts, here you go! A perfect destination for mountain lovers read about the 10 majestic mountains in South Carolina and the activities that can be pursued.

1. Paris Mountain

Paris Mountain

The mountain has a height of 2067 feet and is located in Paris Mountain State Park. The nearest city across the mountain is Greenville, which is quite convenient because of the easy access to amenities.

You can perform many activities in the park, such as hunting, hiking, camping, horseback riding, and biking in the mountains South Carolina. There are also several trails for you! You can easily hike up to the top of Paris Mountain through these trials based on your ability and comfort.

The incline is rapid, so the hike level can be considered moderate and designed for hikers at their beginner level. Certain trials are easier than others if you are more of a walker.

Lake Placid Trail is one such trail that you can take to plan a picnic in the park. It is situated at the root of the mountain and, overall, is just a smooth mile of walking. For regular hikers with some experience, you must try the Brissey Ridge Trail.

Even though the trail is more of a loop, it is considered quite difficult for beginners. There are yellow blazes that will help you stay on it, and you can start the trail from the parking lot. Sulphur Springs Trail is the way to go for advanced hikers, as the steps are quite high.

The view across the mountain is stunning as wildflowers and a picturesque locale surround it. Hiding is one of the best ways to enjoy the view!

2. Sassafras Mountain

Sassafras Mountain

Sassafras Mountain is South Carolina highest point in the United States whose height is 3,566 feet. The mountain is closer to Rosman City and across the border between North Carolina and South Carolina.

The summit of the mountain falls towards South Carolina. The summit of the mountain is one of the few mountains with a handicap-accessible summit.

A road is paved and designed to go onto the summit, while the last 600 feet between the parking lot and the observatory tower is paved across for walking, even though it is a little steep.

The mountain gives a beautiful 360-degree view of the Blue Ridge Mountains range and is the highest point in South Carolina. Driving and hiking are also two ways to go up to the summit. The mountain's base has various starting points to hike up to the summit.

You can reach the Foothills Trail through the trailhead. The trail is a 77-mile trail that extends from two parks such as Oconee and Table Rock Park, both beautiful in their scenic visuals.

3. Corbin Mountain

Corbin Mountain

Located in the Saluda Mountains, the height of the Corbin mountain is 3068, while the nearby city of the mountain is Chestnut Springs. The mountain is close to the boundaries of South and North Carolina.

The mountain is quite tall and popular for hiking, especially because of the dense forest. The trails across the mountain are quite difficult and are appropriate for advanced hikers. It is not the level for beginners to hike across the mountain.

4. Bryant Mountain

Bryant Mountain

Located in Greenville Watershed, Bryant Mountain stands 3051 feet tall close to the city, Sunset. It is not a good choice for hiking for beginners as the incline is quite steep. It cannot be easy. Hence, experienced hikers will enjoy the hike.

While you hike the mountain, there is a wide collection of wildlife, such as rabbits, deer, and other animals. The mountain also has various bird species, and you might see the birds.

There can be a chance of snakes and mosquitoes during the summer and the spring; hence, if you are hiking, you must be careful. Venomous rattlesnakes are also found in the forest.

5. Browns Mountain

Browns Mountain

The mountain is located near the Kings Mountain National Military Park, and the mountain is located near the city of Greenville. The height of the mountain is 1962 feet, and it is not exactly a mountain.

The landmark is an elevated area often used as a place to hike. There is a summy that is quite lofty, very similar to the one that is present on the mountain Sassafras.

The Kings Loop Trail covers almost all of the mountain, and the hike is quite comfortable for mostly all hikers with diverse levels. You might find snakes in the area, especially in the summer and spring.

6. Rocky Bald Mountain

Rocky Bald Mountain

The mountain is located in Poe Creek State Forest, and the nearby city of the mountain is Sunset, with a height of 1873 feet. The Rocky Bald Mountain is a different mountain. Instead, it is just a raised land mass.

It is perfect for biking and hiking and is often an ideal place for travelers and visitors to explore the mountain. The mountain is close to Cedar Creek Mountain, where cyclists and hikers can visit.

Only experienced hikers are asked to perform this hike because it is difficult, and you also have to carry lots of water. Preparing for extreme humidity and heat during this hike would be best, especially between May and December.

7. Cedar Creek Mountain

Cedar Creek Mountain

The mountain of Cedar Creek is located near the city of Sunset, with a height of 1785 feet. The location for this mountain is in the Poe Creek State Forest and is well known for its smaller elevation of just 2000 feet.

You can hike up to the mountain; however, with the increasing heat in South Carolina, it will be difficult. It is also challenging because dense trees and hard soils are across the mountain.

One of the best trails across the mountain is Buzzards Roost North Trail which you can start from Poe Creek State Forest. After 4 miles out, the trail becomes more challenging, while a back trail will further take you to the top of Cedar Creek Mountain.

There might be a clean water source. However, it is not confirmed, so it is better to bring water and dress, considering the humid and hot weather. Take regular breaks and stops between hikes to maintain a healthy and safe hike.

8. Pinnacle Mountain

Pinnacle Mountain

The mountain is located in Table Rock Mountain State Park and near Greenville. It is the tallest mountain, completely situated within the boundaries of South Carolina.

The mountain has a height of 3422 feet and is filled with dense forests. The hardwood forests are found across the mountain and are spread across the Appalachian Mountain chain, which runs across South Carolina.

The mountain is made of granite. Hikers at the beginner level can easily climb this mountain using the Table Rock Trail to reach the summit of Pinnacle Mountain. The trail is quite gentle, with no quick or steep climbs.

The Pinnacle Mountain Trail is a challenge, and it can be quite fun and adventurous for experienced hikers. It would be best if you were in pretty good shape to attempt this trial. You must carry a lot of water if you plan on trying Pinnacle Mountain Trail because there are no water sources.

You might need several liters of water when on this trail as it is quite steep, and you will be thirsty. South Carolina is also quite humid; hence, you could be tired of all that sweating if you are from somewhere other than SC.

It would be best if you also took frequent breaks when you are hiking. It is due to the humidity and heat that the trek becomes more difficult.

9. Rich Mountain

Rich Mountain

The mountain is located at Blue Ridge Mountain Escarpment and has a height of 2539 feet. The mountain is close to the city of Spartanburg and is considered a moderate size of mountain.

The Rich Mountain in the Escarpment area of the Blue Ridge mountain range is another good option for hiking up through the trails. There is a collection of different types of birds and other wildlife which you can discover on the way through the trials.

Some trails are quite gentle. If you want to go on a hiking trail and enjoy nature, bird watching, and wildlife spotting, this is the mountain for you!

10. Hogback Mountain

Hogback Mountain

The mountain is situated within the Blue Ridge Escarpment, with a height of 3212 feet. It is located near Spartansburg and is perfect for bird spotters and watchers.

The hike is quite easy up the forested mountain; the thrilling part is observing various birds. In this area, the largest number of bird sightings are done.

Sightings of Barrel Owls, Ovenbirds, Red-breasted Nuthatches, Hooded Warblers, and Black-throated Green Warblers might happen during the hike. Beavers and waterfowl also frequent ponds if you take the Big Woods or Twin Ponds Trail.

There are several mountain streams that run down the forested mountain to the North Saluda River. Some of the dense forests with different bird species are situated on the north side of the mountain.

The hemlock forests are very dense in the northern part of the mountain, while the southern area consists of rocks and a little vegetation.

Things To Do In the South Carolina Mountains

South Carolina is a marvelous place that hosts mysterious locations with visual scenes and enchanting beauty. The majestic mountains across South Carolina have waterfalls, hiking trails, and alluring natural beauty, so let's explore what you can do.

If you are a traveler, the first thing that comes to mind when you read about these mountains is the activities you can do! I will discuss adventurous and interesting things to do in the mountains that will charm the wanderer in you!

Victoria Valley Vineyards

The vineyards are another place you visit when traveling to the mountains of South Carolina. The winery is 10 years old and has a 3-star rating for its wine efforts. The vineyard is on the Piedmont hillside, just off the Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Byway.

Creating a beautiful scenic view, visitors can enjoy nature, its view, and wines such as Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and others.

Falling Waters Scenic Byway

The Oscar Wiginton Memorial Highway route has the beauty of the Falling Waters Scenic Byway, which you can visit when visiting South Carolina 103 and 107. It is a perfect place for bikers, hikers, horseback riders, and backpackers.

Devil's Fork State Park

The park is situated in South Carolina in the north-western area, where hiking, fishing, kayaking, and other activities can be done.

You can enjoy the spectacular view, further enhanced with water and greens. The Bear Clove trail is present in this park.

Lake Hartwell

The lake is considered a reservoir and one of the most visited locations for travelers. Fishing or swimming is a regular practice for this lake, and it is a memorable experience. It is situated closer to the city.

The Foothills Trail

Hiking trails is one of the most common activities that you can do when visiting the mountains of South Carolina. Lake Jocassee is a significant attraction for hikers. Apart from lakes, wildlife such as frogs, raptors, deer, toads, raccoons, snakes, waterfowl, and plants are also attractions.


So what do you think? Ready to watch some beauty of the mountains and learn interesting stuff about the mountains in South Carolina? I have listed 10 mountains located in South Carolina, creating a perfect backdrop for any traveler.

As a traveler, I have always been fascinated with mountains. These giant natural features are a perfect way to experience and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Comment down below about your choice of mountain and why!

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