The Most Amazing Parks in the World

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Amazing Parks

Nature is the best artist, but sometimes people add to it something interesting and unusual. As a result, a combination of beautiful nature and creativity of humans presents us with a lot of wonderful places such as amazing parks. You need to see them all. So, be ready to use your India e-visa or book a flight to Europe.

Here are The Most Amazing Parks in the World:

1. Park with a green lake:

This park surprises all tourists and locals, because in winter it is an ordinary park with flower beds, different alleys and also groves. People can come here to relax with a book on comfortable benches, have a picnic with a family, and enjoy the stunning views of the mountains. One more incredible thing here is a lake with green water. But in summer the unique lake overflows, and the water level rises from two meters to ten. Then this park is covered and completely hidden underwater. Then divers from all over the world come here to enjoy this unusual atmosphere. Perhaps this is the only place in the world where you can see the familiar world but underwater. Everything in this park remains in its place, and you are just driving past them. In the water, you can notice small fish. This phenomenon lasts until next winter.

2. Chess Park:

In the Japanese city of Osaka on the banks of one of the channels, there is a park dedicated to board games. Everything here is in a chess theme: tracks, tables, children’s slides, and all other objects. Of course, in the park, you can find real chess boards, and tables for backgammon, and checkers. So, you can play your favorite game here. Not many tourists know about this place, but it is very popular among locals who often come here with children. The interesting fact is that the creators were not rich and had not enough costs, so all the objects are made of cheap and environmentally friendly materials like pressed wood and cardboard. If you find yourself in Japan, go to this place. You will be really happy because Chess Park is a great example of how you can make an interesting and useful place in the city.

3. Valley of Flowers:

Valley of Flowers

This is a famous park in India that is known for its highland picturesque meadows with rich flora and fauna. This place attracts tourists with many brightly colored flowers. This valley is full of different flowers. There are more than 500 types. Almost everything around this place is a rare thing. Here you can admire Himalayan maple or blue poppy. Locals also pick medicinal plants in this valley. A national park of flowers is situated high in the mountains. So, you can see here not only unique flowers but also rare animals such as Himalayan bear, snow leopard, and bharal. If the toy wants to cloister yourself in nature, apply for an India e-visa, and be ready to enjoy the moment on the Valley of Flowers.

4. The Bird Park in Jurong:

Bird Park in Jurong

In Jurong, you will have a chance to see birds from around the world. Most of these inhabitants of the park are birds from Southeast Asia, but there are many species from Europe, America, and Africa, too. The main feature of this place is that visitors have the feeling that the birds live in nature. The park does not have any cages. Each group of birds has conditions that are suitable for its natural habitat. For example, there were made air conditioning systems for penguins, and a large artificial pond for flamingos. Most visitors like to explore the place with parrots. There are 110 species of these bright intelligent birds. The pavilion with an artificial waterfall is interesting, too. There you can meet 1500 species of birds from different parts of the world live. You will be able in real-time to observe their life: how birds feed, sleep, grow offspring. Nevertheless, it is impossible to feed them, because it can have a negative result on the health of birds. If you are a bird lover, this place is for you.

5. Space thinking Park:

Space thinking Park

This park was created by wife and husband Charles Jenks and Maggie Cheswick. According to their plan, this place should give visitors an idea of the Universe and the place of man in it. Being here, you need to consider the fact that all modern science is no more than a step in the process of learning something absolutely unusual. There are no usual flower beds or comfortable paths in the park. However, there are quite futuristic objects like an unusual form of artificial hills, strange bridges, and stairs. The visitor can even get into a “black hole” or find themselves in a Klein bottle or solve some complex mathematical tasks. This is one of those amazing man-made places on the planet, which everyone must visit.

6. The Creation Museum:

Creation Museum

This park was created primarily to show people that the creation of the Earth by God does not contradict the theory of evolution in any way. Visitors have a chance to see giant moving figures of dinosaurs. Behind the glass windows, you can see the bones of prehistoric animals and biblical artifacts. In spite of your religious beliefs, the park is worthy of your attention for sure. The fact is that most dinosaur bones and reconstructed skeletons are authentic archaeological finds. And the idea of combining biblical history with science is quite interesting and unusual.

7. Buddha Park:

Buddha Park

Park of Buddhas was created by one of the religious leaders of Laos, Bunla sulcatum. It took him a long time to do this spectacular work. Moreover, the Sultan could not complete it, because he went mad. However, the Park is amazing: it combines more than 200 sculptures of Buddhas, gods, snakes, and heroes of Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Thanks to the good planning of this place, visitors can come close to each statue and discover all the peculiarities of carving. The amazing thing is that each stone has its own expression. Absolutely all the statues are worked out to the last detail: scales on snakes folds on the clothes of the heroes, different attributes, and faces. The height of statues varies from 1m to 20 m. The park is just five km from the city of Nong Khai, so it not hard to get there by bike or walk. Besides the statues, there are beautiful ponds and fascinating flower beds. There is also a glass sphere, where you can see the embalmed body of the founder of the park. This sphere is available for every visitor.

8. Keukenhof flower Park:

Keukenhof flower Park

Keukenhof in the Netherlands is famous all over the world basically due to the fields of tulips that grow in this place. More than 100 varieties of these flowers grow on 32 hectares. In addition to tulips, you can enjoy many other flowers in the park: lilacs, orchids, roses, lilies. In spring, more than 800 thousand tourists arrive in the Park, because it is open only in the period from March to May when flowers bloom the most.

9. The Dwarf Kingdom:

Dwarf Kingdom

To be honest, it is not really a park. It is rather a Chinese village, where only dwarfs live. The park has its own school, hospital, shops like in a real city. But from time to time, it is possible to visit this village and have a look at everything. The dwarfs dress up in fabulous costumes and offer tours of their homes for everyone who interested. Houses are especially exciting. They are made in the form of mycelium or trees.

10. I-City Park:

I-City Park

This park is situated in Malaysia. It is a relatively new park, but it has already become very popular among locals and tourists. This place looks like a fairy tale. All trees of this park are artificial and decorated with wonderful garlands and bright lights. Every year light sculptures are changing, so all the time you can enjoy something new. It is especially beautiful here on the Chinese New Year. It is also a favorite place for photographers and lovely couples. You can spend time here whenever you want.

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