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Top 7 Basic Garage Door Preventive Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

author-img By Michael Martin 5 Mins Read March 18, 2018

Garage door is the largest part of a home, we all know. It is used several times in a day and so, it requires maintenance at a regular time otherwise it will stop functioning and increase the headache of homeowners. Now you will tell me that regular maintenance will cost us too. Yes, you are right. Actually, I am talking about the DIY maintenance. Yes, do not need to hire garage door experts for regular maintenance. It’s you who have to do maintenance. Here we have listed the top 10 things all homeowner should do:

See and Listen :

The seeing and listening is a fine art. So, it is a very first step to start inspecting the garage door. Yes, start observing your door in action when you use it. See, is it running your door smoothly or is it jerky? Does it make scraping or grinding noise or does it operate properly? Do springs, cables and pulleys look symmetrical? Ask these above questions to yourself first, you will know where the problem is.

Garage Door Balance :

The second most important thing you need to do is to check the balance of a door because an unbalanced door may cause several problems and at the end, you may cost too much on repairing and replacing the broken parts. How to check? Put the door in manual mode by releasing the red cord attached to garage door opener. Now, open the door halfway and leave it. If it doesn’t stay as it is; you need to fix the garage door springs problems first.

Replace the Weatherstripping :

If a rubber weatherstrip on a bottom of your garage door is cracked or brittle, replace it immediately to prevent the air come inside of your home. Weatherstripping is sold at home improvement and hardware stores. Now, just cut to size and install at the bottom of a door. It’s easy and you can do it.

Don’t Forget to Tighten up the Hardware :

As we know that garage door opens and closes multiple times in a day and so, it is obvious that over time, the hardware of a door will loosen gradually due to a lot of movement & vibration. Examine the hardware and tighten all bolts and nuts to keep the door working smoothly again.

Check the Cables :

The cables are important and used to lift up the garage door because high-tension cables have a sustainable force to maim & kill. Check the condition of cables and you will definitely get an idea when to hire a pro to fix the issues.

Lubricate the Garage Door Parts :

This is one of the most common tasks that every homeowner should do. This is a task that a homeowner can do it easily by following the manual. Keeping your door parts lubricated may add more years of smooth operation to your garage door system. The surprising thing is that you only need 10-20 minutes a year to lubricate a door. Different parts of a door need different lubricants. So, you are required to follow the manuals. For example, you should use white lithium grease on a garage door openers chain or screw.

Clear the Tracks :

A dust or debris can affect the work-efficiency of a garage door badly. So, don’t forget to clear the tracks regularly. Sometimes, a dust or debris may change the adjustment of a door and no one would like to work with an unbalanced door. If your door tracks aren’t inclined; hire a pro for adjustment of a garage door.

So, these are top 7 things to do to keep the garage door running smoothly. These are easy, right? Do it at a regular time, you will add years to your door system.

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