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Types Of Singaporean Occasional Flowers

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Singaporean Occasional Flowers

We all know that flowers are warmers of the heart when it comes to issuing gifts. There are many types of flowers you can give as a gift from Singaporean flower shops, as pointed out in this article. Most flowers for whatever occasion you might want to hold or attend are available in many flower shops such as Florist Jurong east flower shop, You check their website https://www.floristique.sg/collections/tampines-florist.

Types Of Flowers

As you already know, many Singaporean flowers vendors have specific flowers for specific occasions. Below is an outline of these different occasions with different flower options you can choose from.

Birthday Flowers

Birthdays are one of the most memorable occasions as it is a commemoration of the day we were born. Since it is a special day, adding elegance and a sense of vibrancy with flowers can go a long way in creating a long-term impression.

Some of the available birthday flowers you can give as a gift are; white lilies, tulips, roses, and more. To add a personal touch to your flower gift, consider accompanying it with a birthday gift card, chocolates, or perfumes.

Sympathy Flowers

Flowers for sympathy occasions are primarily ideal for funerals. Losing a loved one is tragically sad and irrecoverable. During such events, showing condolences and sympathy to the bereaved is essential in helping them cope with their loss.

Offering sympathy flowers is a sign of wishing peace to the departed and sympathizing with the bereaved. Some of the bouquets available in Singapore are heaven scent bouquets, Daisy condolence stands, soothing beauty, and more. Also, these flowers can go a long way to act as a token of remembrance.

Congratulation Flowers

Cherishing happy moments in life when congratulating someone is a significance of recognizing an individual’s achievements. Some of these achievements can be related to education, parenting, graduation, and much more.

  • Some of the flowers ideal for these kinds of occasions are;
  • Daisies: which you’ll also be showing friendship with apart from congratulations
  • Tulips: If you’re headed for a wedding, don’t forget to pick up tulip flower arrangements
  • Daisies: Mostly for recognizing a friend’s achievement
  • Lilies: These are for welcoming a newborn into the family, and you can send them in bouquets of yellow and orange.

Sorry Flowers

When you have been rude or mean to someone and said pretty hurtful things to or about them, the most logical thing to do is apologize. And what best way can you do it other than buying them flowers from vendors, e.g., florist Jurong east flower shop

  • There are a plethora of options you can choose from. Your ideal options are;
  • Orchids: For apologizing to a parent for being rude or disrespectful
  • Roses: For asking an apology from a romantic partner
  • Lilies: for being mean, rude, or both to a friend.

You can be sure to be on good terms with whoever you’ve wronged with the above options. Additionally, you can include carnations in your vast array of options to say sorry to other loved ones, such as your mom.

In summary, arguably, many flower vendors in Singapore, like florist Jurong east flower shop, allow you to make multiple flower choices based on your preference. So, whether you’re looking forward to surprising a romantic partner, congratulating a friend, or sending your condolences to the bereaved, you can always count on them.

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