Here are the Top 5 Domestic Courses you can Pursue

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Domestic Courses

Education is the only way for bright minds to keep pushing boundaries further. Often people discover their true passion while working. This passion can be a field of study that they never pursued earlier.

Others, realize their true calling much earlier and shift gears at the right time to stay in the game. No matter who you are, and what you do – the value of education in one’s life is invaluable. But, choosing the right course or field of study can be tricky.

With so many options around, it is never too easy to be 100% sure about something. Don’t worry. This is where we will help. By carefully going through hundreds of top courses in India, here is a curated list of courses for the New Indian. It’s not about the age-old engineering, medicine or MBA today. Read on to know about the top and promising courses that you can access and tap into right here in India.

1. Yoga Teacher Training Course:

Yoga Teacher

Yoga and Meditation are finding global acceptance. But, the supply of good teachers in this field is rare. Often taught informally, there is a huge scope of formal education in this space. There are some select institutions where interested students can receive teacher training. Formal training, education, and certificate will lay a strong foundation to further careers. As India takes positive steps forward in its spiritual journey, a fully certified yoga and meditation course is a very relevant field of study. Interested? Do note that NBFC’s like Tata Capital offers hassle-free education loans to students willing to pursue higher education in India. You can get an education loan at very competitive interest rates the student loan offered.

2. Fintech course:

Fintech course

Financial technology, or Fintech, is the new technology and innovation storm shaking up traditional financial businesses. Fintech has spawned a global population of billion-dollar firms that have used unique methods in the delivery of financial services. Yet, there are very few qualified people that are skilled in Fintech. At present, the Fintechtalent pool is composed of science, math’s and engineering skilled persons. There are a few courses in India, run by reputed institutions that empower you with the latest Fintech education. This formal source of knowledge is an excellent addition for those who are already attached to this field. With help from personal loans like an education loan, an aspiring student today can complete his/her educational aspirations. Top educational institutes charge expensive fees and not every meritorious student can afford them. Consider the education loans route if you are short in funding.

3. Financial Markets Management Course:

Financial Markets Management Course

Whether you are ready or not, the world of financial markets has gripped us. Equity, Stocks, Debts, Bonds, Foreign Exchange, Mutual Funds, Commodities, etc. are becoming increasingly integrated with our lives. However, talent in terms of financial markets management is short in supply. There are a lot of good educational institutes that impart further education in this space that can give your career a much-needed boost. The days of just having a chartered accountancy and cost accountancy certificates and recognition are over. Today, the trend is for specialized skills and education. Students with skills in finance, math’s and economics are better-suited for such top courses. If you are considering such a course going forward, look at institutes like Tata Capital for education requirement. Easy and hassle-free loan disbursement, higher eligibility with education loan, speedy approval, and minimum documentation are some of the biggest benefits with us.

4. Foreign Language Course:

Foreign Language Course

With the world being a global village than just a collection of separate countries, language is the trump-card of the future. While studying and knowing a foreign language was considered a sign of elitism, today knowing French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese or German can open a world full of opportunities to anybody sitting right in India. There is a lot of translation work that needs good foreign language experts. Yet, the gap between the needs and current supply is wide. Foreign language institutes exist and good quality education costs money. Many students and persons think about fully studying a foreign language, but don’t proceed ever. With a good education loan provider, personal loan for education can get easy and hassle-free disbursement, customized solutions and personalized customer care assistance before and after loan disbursement.

5. Hospitality course:

Hospitality course

Take the first steps towards a career in the growing hospitality industry with a solid course and certification. Almost one in eleven of the world’s jobs are duly supported by the tourism and hospitality industry. So, getting the right hospitality skills is a big step-up. A well-conducted hospitality course, supported by industry level intelligence, will prepare you to work in management positions in hotels, restaurants, resorts, convention centers, cruise ships and much more. If you’re a people person, the hospitality industry is the place to be. Be it business or pleasure travelers, Indian educational institutes are today teaching some of the finest hospitality courses. But remember to choose the ‘right’ lender. Only a good institution like Tata Capital will right-size the education loan according to analysis backed loan eligibility, the nitty-gritty of the course chosen and other criteria to determine what is best for you.

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