The Three Essential Components For Literacy Development

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literacy development

As a good parent, you naturally want what is best for your child. However, it can be difficult to encourage them down the right path, especially as they get older and develop their own opinions on life. That is why it is so essential that you invest time in your children and good-quality child care when they are young. The literacy development programs are helping to turn the child to be more open-minded and helping them to make progress in their life.

Young children are better at absorbing information. The habits they develop when they are young will be carried through into later life, potentially making a big difference to how successful they are. 

3 Essential Components For The Literacy Developments

A perfect example of literacy development is how young children are becoming more robust in the new technical gadgets and new equipment. Despite the advancement of technology and an increased reliance on computer screens and digital technology, reading is still an essential part of everyday life. 

One of the many things that you need to consider is how you are going to extend the benefits to children with special needs? They require a different approach to develop their learning skills, educational knowledge and more. In recent years, The Guild, a private special needs school Singapore is offering specialized programs that can help these children build resilience, develop learning skills and build confidence.

There are three essential components or stages of literacy development:

1. Oral

1. Oral

The first stage is simply learning to talk, something that most children do when they are very young by copying their parents. You can aid this stage of development by talking to your young child as much as possible. This allows them to hear lots of words that they will absorb and start to use. Oral literacy development techniques are the primitive way to transmit the primary knowledge from the parents.

At first, children simply repeat. But, as their comprehension grows, they start to put the words in order and make sense. Put simply, the more words you give them, the easier it is for their vocabulary to expand. 

2. Phonetics

2. Phonetics

While speaking is an important stage of literacy, the crucial one is actually the second step of literacy development, which’s phonetics. In short, this is the sound that words make, and breaking a word into its phonetic sounds will help your child in two ways.

Hearing and speaking, these two are the two sides of one single coin. Phonetics is very important. Even this way, the animals also can distinguish different types of sounds. And understand the sound source. For human beings, the rules are almost the same. Therefore hearing-impaired people can not speak; they can not hear phonetics, so they do not learn to talk.

  • Pronunciation

Breaking any word down into its fundamental elements of literacy development makes it much easier to know how to say it correctly. You can help your child get this right by saying words slower, allowing them to pick up the different sounds. It can also help to break new words down phonetically. Your children will learn faster this way. 

  • Spelling

The secondary part of this is that being able to break a word down into sounds makes it easier to identify the letters and spell them correctly. This allows children to develop their spelling skills which are reflected when they start to write.

Naturally, being able to phonetically sound out a word and then spell it will make it easier to read.

3. Reading


All children need to learn to read. It is an essential part of life and the most crucial factor for literacy development. To facilitate this, you simply need to read to them. Hearing the words reinforces the first two stages of development and encourages them to try themselves.

The more they try, the easier they will find it to read, write, and communicate effectively. That is essential to everyday life. For literacy development, reading and writing habits are quite essential qualities. Hence these two are counted as the primary quality to enhance literacy development programs. Understand something by reading it and express it through the writings.


Literacy development is not only helping the single human begin. The social structure and the scientific development are also possible only when you positively use literacy development. The early life of human beings is essential to start the literacy development techniques. One literate human being is capable of forwarding a whole civilization and scientific developments. Do not forget to share your comments in the comment sections about literacy development.

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