The financial market is considered as most important in India. This is the only market that can give attractive returns to individuals if they invest their money in the right instruments and in the proper way. Apart from that, it also provides an ocean of career options also. All these make it a quite interesting place to participate.

However, as flowery as it looks, it can be dangerous also if anyone tries to invest their money in it without any or with very less knowledge.

Hence, in order to be successful in the financial markets, it is essential that an individual has proper knowledge about the markets and can identify correct investing or trading opportunities Well, Elearnmarkets allows you to do just that:

Background of Elearnmarkets:

Since the day financial markets started in India, there have been tremendous changes in the way people perceive this sector. People have different notions, perceptions, and ways of dealing in the stock market. With the advent of emerging Indian stock market, there is a need for a platform that provides education about how the financial market emerged in India and various parameters that can help in understanding the markets better.

India still lacks behind with respect to the fully fledged financial market. It is mainly because people do not have the knowledge or they enter on someone’s recommendation and keep doing that till they start changing their perspective about the market due to continuous losses.

Elearnmarkets, India’s premier online financial education provider is one such effort in providing financial education to people.

Elearnmarkets is an online financial education platform set up by a group of IIM alumni in the year 2015. It provides online education about the financial market not only in offline but online mode also. Students can learn about the financial markets by sitting at their homes through their online portals.

Elearnmarkets consist of a number of resources that include both free and premium courses which not only provides financial education to the students but also guides them to build their careers in the financial market through their dedicated finance job portal.

Elearnmarkets provides a vast opportunity with respect to learning and other online aids. Anyone can access these at any point in time and from around anywhere in the world in a very convenient manner.

Let us now take a look at some of the exciting resources that Elearnmarkets provide:

Free and Premium Courses:

There are more than a hundred courses available on Elearnmarkets. Free as well as premium courses are available that allows a person to seek a career in financial markets, or investor trade in it.

These courses are available in two formats-

1. Live Interactive Sessions:

As we can understand by the name, these sessions are conducted on a predetermined schedule. In this, students who have registered themselves under this format can watch and learn in a live class format. This allows them to get their queries resolved on real-time basis.

2. Recorded:

Under this format, students get to watch recorded sessions at their own convenience and as many times as they want.

Most of these courses are certified by the National Stock Exchange (NSE), National Commodities and Derivative Exchange (NCDEX) and Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). These certificates give the student an edge whenever they go for an interview with any financial companies.

There is a system of internal exams, doubt clearing sessions and an unbelievable student support mechanism, which are really helpful for a student. Elearnmarkets also provides free E-Books which can be easily downloaded from the website. Some of the interesting topics on which E-Books are available are: How to invest in the share market with just Rs 5000, Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS), etc.

Ebooks: Elearnmarkets provides some free E-books that you can download from the website. There are different topics covered under this like “How to invest in shares at just Rs. 5000” and “Equity Linked Savings Scheme” that allows you to invest in mutual funds and various other financial securities, and also assists you in saving tax.


The website also maintains a blog where articles on various aspects of financial markets like basic finance, fundamentals, technicals, derivatives and financial planning are published. Apart from that, weekly market report on Nifty is also published that tells you about our view on Nifty for the next week.

The aim of writing these articles is to provide financial literacy and to make people aware of the markets.

Check the articles here- Financial market articles

Financial Tools and guides:

Under Elearnmarkets, there are many interesting financial tools also like you can play games based on financial markets, find jobs that suit your skills and expertise, etc. You can even plan your SIP amount through the SIP calculator and learn and build your own option strategies through Elearnoptions portal of Elearnmarkets.


Elearnmarkets also organizes webinars frequently. These are aimed at helping the participants to either learn how to invest or trade in an easy and better manner. Webinars are conducted by market experts who may be in-house or guest speakers.

The recordings of the past webinars are also available for those who have missed them at affordable prices which will give a great value for money to the purchaser.

Free Videos:

You can also learn finance by watching a series of free videos on different topics in finance in multiple languages and categorized into multiple categories so that you can find them in an easy manner. New videos are added frequently. These videos are uploaded on the website itself as well as Elearnmarkets YouTube channel.

Elearnmarkets app:

Since almost everyone has a cell phone nowadays, so people want that everything is available on phones. For this purpose and keeping in mind the ease of the general public, Elearnmarkets has even come up with its own mobile application where all the above features are available. Download the app here

You even get updates on your phones if any webinar/workshop is going to be held by the organization. They also come up with attractive discounts frequently on its various courses.

Bottom line:

Financial Education is important for all of us, irrespective of the nature of our career, we should have minimum knowledge of finance. So that at least in the long run we can manage our wealth right? Or maybe you want to have a rewarding career in the financial markets? In either case, you would need to learn about financial markets from scratch. Elearnmarkets starts from scratch and makes a student professional so that they can survive in the market and can always stay ahead of the others.

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