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Why It’s Time to Outsource Your SEO in the Philippines

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read May 30, 2019

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More businesses are increasing profits while decreasing expenses effectively by hiring business process outsourcing or knowledge process outsourcing (BPO) companies. These are companies that provide manpower where the service does not have to physically take place in the hiring company’s location and can be done virtually.

That means if a company located in one country requires people to act as customer service representatives or provide accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, or SEO services, instead of hiring their own team of people in their company (which involves paying a salary, benefits, and other expenses that come with onboarding new hires), they pay a company with their own staff to do the job for them even if that BPO company is abroad.

Out of all the best countries for outsourcing, the Philippines’ BPO industry remains a steady player in the lists. The Philippines isn’t lacking in skilled workers while sporting competitive prices in the BPO market. But aside from being the world’s “Call Center Capital of the World,” here’s why SEO services in the Philippines can benefit businesses anywhere in the world.

Cost-Effectiveness without Sacrificing Quality

The biggest reason why companies are outsourcing their operations is because of cost-cutting. It takes money to make money, and aside from the salary, government-mandated benefits, and other competitive benefits, hiring a new employee may take around $4000 to $7000 and 42 days. That doesn’t include the costs of turnovers (which can cost up to 200 percent of an employee’s yearly salary), bad hires, paid leaves, equipment, office space, and more.

Hiring a BPO to do the job of an entire team (say, your SEO team) means that you don’t have to spend on finding a new hire and only have to pay an SEO company for their services. Sure, it’s not free, but it’s a fraction of what you could be paying hiring your own team. You won’t be paying for each of the BPO’s employees that work for your business, and if you aren’t happy with the results, you can always find a different company that can do the job better.

And while cost-effectiveness is one thing, no good business would want to sacrifice quality for cost-effectiveness. In places like the Philippines, however, low-cost services in comparison to SEO companies in other countries does not mean that you’re sacrificing quality. In the Philippines, the cost of labor is relatively low, but that has more to do with the country’s economy compared to others. In reality, the Philippines has modern business districts and hubs buzzing with top-quality amenities and skilled workers.

Want to save thousands of dollars? Remember: outsourcing is cheaper than hiring in-house. By getting SEO services in the Philippines, you’re getting quality services you’d expect from top companies but with a lower price tag.

Reduce the Need for Hiring (and the Legal Requirements That Come with It)

Apart from the office space, equipment, and salary, outsourcing your services in the Philippines frees you from the risks that come with it. With your own employees, you carry the burden of legal liability (from frivolous complaints to serious cases when your employees take it too far) and that could hinder your company’s productivity. By outsourcing, you are only paying for results and don’t have to concern yourself with lawsuits from the BPO’s employees or the politics of running your own office.

Outsourcing your processes will also mean you aren’t responsible for providing health benefits to anyone. The outsourcing partner will be completely responsible for managing their own employees’ benefits.

Untapped Skilled and Trained Workers

The third biggest English-speaking country in the world with a high literacy rate and over 500,000 fresh graduates every year, the Philippines is full of both skilled and trained workers that have a competitive edge with the other skilled and trained workers with the rest of the world. Many schools, colleges, and universities in the Philippines meet world standards and produce highly competent graduates who are ready to learn the latest operations in their field or are capable of creating their own services that could benefit other companies.

And because many of these talented Filipinos are in their own workforce looking for jobs, you’re getting skilled people working on your business process at an affordable rate, seeing as you’re not really paying for them, but the company they’re working for.

While you could always find the same talented people in a different country (or even hire a freelance SEO or digital marketer in your area), you won’t find people as adaptable as Filipinos with their enduring spirit. They’re always finding ways to improve their services, even in SEO. Some of the best minds in digital marketing are constantly innovating to adapt with search engines’ latest algorithms. Sure, it’s cheaper to do it yourself or hire a freelancer, but with our talent carrying the best skills and experience, it’s worth outsourcing your SEO in the Philippines.

24/7 Service

Business owners from the US, UK, and other western countries may be hesitant to outsource because of the time difference. The working hours of the Philippines, after all, would be nighttime in the west. However, because the Philippines’ BPO sector serves countries all around the world, it has adapted to providing manpower any time of the day and provides enough employees to complete its clients’ tasks any time of the day.

High Return on Investment

Apart from the low-cost outsourcing provides, SEO companies can provide a high return on investment. When you have SEO experts providing you with the work an in-house team can provide at less cost, you get more than you pay for, leading to a high ROI. And because your own in-house team doesn’t have to focus on digital marketing, you have more time to focus on other areas of your business and how you can improve it.

More importantly, SEO is not a one-time solution, and you’ll have to keep your strategy going if you want to make it work. In the long-run, an in-house team of SEO analysts provides the same results as outsourcing your analysts. But because of the low cost, you’re making more out of the marketing they’re making for you compared to what you would spend if you had to take care of your own SEO team.

The Philippines’ BPO industry is booming, and it would be an unwise business decision to pass up the chance to hire people for various operations in your company, including SEO. With cost-effectiveness, high-quality output, and skilled employees in many SEO companies in the Philippines, the country’s digital marketing hubs are filled with opportunity to improve your business’ online exposure.

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