The song, “Now And Then” by The rock band Beatles is hailed as their last song! Today, the first play of the song will be aired on 6 Music and BBC Radio 2 in the UK at 14:00 GMT! By 10th November, the song will be included in The Beatles’ Red and Blue greatest hits albums.

Later, the song will be streamed on streaming platforms and services such as Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, and Spotify! The piece will then also be available on vinyl, CD, and cassette copies across the world.

The song was 45 years in the making when John Lennon wrote the first bars in 1978, and finally, it was completed in 2022! The four Beatles, Starr, Harrison, McCartney, and Lennon, will be credited with this track, considering they all feature in it.

They have decided to create a full circle moment by releasing the song in an album on the A-side while on the other side; they will have Love Me Do, their debut of 1962. As a bootleg, the original has been circulated for a long time, which sounds quite like an apologetic love song!

The vein of the song is quite similar to the music, Jealous Guy, identical to the solo output of John Lennon from the 1970s. There is also involvement of Ringo Starr and Sir Paul McCartney, who finished the song in the studio in 2022.

Further, George Harrison got involved in 1995 because he gave rhythm guitar parts! Later, producer Giles Martin added a new arrangement of strings. The friendship among the band is reflected in the finished song, which is quite moving and poignant.

In Rolling Stone Magazine, Rob Sheffield stated that the song was intense and powerful, especially when Paul and John sang the first chorus together. Even Lauren Laverne from BBC 6 Music noted that the piece was gorgeous, and he cried like a baby when he heard it first!

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