The young Gen Z couple of Hollywood Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi are set to wed soon. The couple have started planning their nuptials while getting ready for their big day. The ‘Stranger Things’ star gushed about her plans for her upcoming wedding in a recent interview.

While many Hollywood millennial couples are heading for divorce this Gen Z couple seems to be going the opposite way. Even after being so young Millie Bobby Brown said that planning the nuptial was really exciting in an interview with Good Morning America.

This interview was held to promote her book, Nineteen Steps where she reveals her experience of planning the wedding. She mentions how wedding planning has become a part of her life at present. Further adding that “Being able to do it with someone makes it even better” talking about Jake Bongiovi.

Earlier this year Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi got engaged to each other which they announced by a post on Instagram. They shared a picture of their engagement ring on the platform. ‘Stranger Things’ star has been showing off her happiness of being engaged on Instagram by sharing pictures of herself in white bikini holding a book and diamond ring.

In the Lorraine Show along with sharing her wedding plans, she also shared how she plans to turn her book into a movie. When Lorrain Kelly asked Millie if she wishes to turn her novel, "Nineteen Steps" into a movie adaptation Millie replies “Yes, definitely.”

Nineteen Steps plot is set in the East End during 1942 where an 18-year-old- girl, Nellie Morris marries her childhood friend, Billy. But the story takes a sharp turn when Nellie becomes interested in Ray who is an American airman. During an air raid a tragic event occurs that changes Nellie’s course of life.

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